Sunday, September 12, 2010


For one moment I thought my Eric- Alexander Skarsgard, was toast!

But he rose from the pit of mushy cement- thanks to Pam, and he lives to “bite” again. Only next season.
It was the season finale of “True Blood”. It was pretty good only not one of the “boys” had their shirts off.
A waste? Yes.

Wouldn’t Eric- who rose from a “thickening” death, at least rip his soggy shirt to shreds. He was covered in cold, wet cement that had not yet hardened.
The cement, I mean.
Don’t get ahead of me here.
The grey goo was dripping from his hair, his earlobes, his fingertips, his…
As Pam remarked “I’ll never get this cement out of my hair!”
Oh but Eric, how I would like to help you try!
And scene!
Fantasy finished.

What of Bill? He’s killing one and all who have tasted Sookie’s “Fairy” blood.
Eric- "Va-Va-Voom"
Apparently he will love her until he finds “true” death.
Just another day in Bon Temps.

I wasn’t totally in love with season three.
Too many characters.
Too much gore.
Story lines that were way, way out there.
Too many hillbillies.
Too much of Tara- crying, screaming, being tied up, screaming, having sex with Sam- and yes, screaming.

Hoyt surprised red-haired Jessica with a cute, little house and has promised to build Jessica a “hidin’ hole” and to paint the kitchen, living room and more.
Young Love?
Vampire and Human?
He even wants to marry her.
Will they have children? I’m not sure if that is even possible in this Vampire Story.

Now, sadly, all of us “True Blooders” have to wait for almost another year for Season Four.
Life “bites” at times-
But it goes on.

Now, some “numbers” courtesy of the Orillia Fall Fair. We travelled to the 160th Orillia Fall Fair Sunday.
It was about a 15 minute trip to ODAS Park in West Orillia.
We paid 14 bucks admission for the 2 of us.
There were- maybe, a few 100 people there.
200 goats. 50 rabbits. 7 or 8 Midway rides.
We saw the whole fair in 10 minutes.
A plate of french fries- home made, on the midway were $4.50. They were nicely done. Hot and tasty- not hot and healthy.
We heard the Rugby Boys about 3ish.

We took the opportunity to speak with mayoral hopeful Angelo Orsi. A sincere man. A handsome man, with a responsible mandate, a blueprint for success- his literature reads. When I asked if it was true that he was totally responsible for developing West Ride, he said he was perhaps 95 % responsible.
He was modest.
He has some great ideas for downtown, which should have been implemented 30 years ago- maybe more.

Then, we listened to a group called “Sudden Detour” at 3:30 ish. While singing the Beatles’ hit “Ticket to Ride”, the lead singer forgot the words. The music was right in front of him.
Then, we made a “sudden detour” as did the pumpkins and squash as they rolled themselves out the door to the fresh air, sunshine and quiet.

That station that plays “Jesus Music” was there, blasting out the religious-flavoured pop hits they programme. I thought it was strange- not just the music, I was thinking of how much Sundays have changed. Years ago the fair couldn’t even open legally on a Sunday, let alone see a religious-based radio station there blasting out the “Top 10 on the Jesus Chart”.

We left the fair trying to keep it all in perspective. While walking through the field to where the van was parked, we realized it was just a real, old time country fair- nothing more, that’s been around for over a century and 1/2.
We scraped the cow shit off our shoes, got into the van and drove away stopping by Wal*Mart on the way home, dropping 52 bucks!

Have a good one.