Sunday, September 19, 2010

ROBBLOG #145 1/2

Gee folks! I just don't have time to write something new for you, so enjoy yesterday's Blog- again.

However, I would like to pay tribute to a radio freind- Douglas Johnston, who passed away yesterday September 19th. My first radio job was at CKMP Midland back in 1972. Doug was the afternoon news guy. He was funny, great to work with and had an unmistakeable radio voice. Doug worked for The Jewel in Toronto where he was the afternoon drive announcer. He was only 60 years of age.
"May a flury of Angels guide you to your rest Doug!"

....and now, a repeat blog.

What has happened to good, old, Liberal Toronto.

Polls suggest that “right-winger” Rob Ford is way out in front of closest rival- George Smitherman.
Wake up Toronto!
You vote this guy in and you’ve got a Steven Harper right at your City Hall. He’s so “hetro” there’s a rumour he contemplating the re-design of Toronto City Hall to make its lines “straight” and not curved as the towers now stand.

He’s thinking about taking the CN Tower apart because it looks like a big **** and he would rather see a big ***** in its place.
I hear he’ll call it Flossy or Muffy and model it after a ***** he has at home.
Apparently, Ford has always been a cat-lover.

Now both these items are strictly bits of mindless gossip I’ve heard and pass them along to you for entertainment purposes only. If they sway your vote, then let the future unfold as it should.
Mr. Ford is not a “liberal” minded gent but those citzens- classify that by saying those of you who are going to vote, are in for a rude awakening.
If you are a Gay Man of Woman for instance, Ford doesn’t like “Gay Marriage and you can follow that up with a dislike of the Pride Parade and the millions of dollars it brings to the city every summer.

As a matter of fact, I would suggest- from what I have read, there will be no municipal dollars going towards the Parade or celebration next summer. I daresay Ford will not be the type of Mayor that will ride down Yonge Street straddling a fire truck while shooting his big hose at the crowd. Judging by his “stomach” he probably hasn’t seen his big hose in years anyway.

He has the look of a small town sheriff in some god-forsaken backwater in Lubella, Alberta.
No “Lubella, Alberta is not a real town.
I made that up.
At least I think I did!
Although, I hear they have great weather but are not too Gay-friendly. Gays are routinely rounded up and sent packing back to Church Street in downtown Toronto.
That’s what transpires in “Harper” Territory boys and girls.
The Family that "shoots"
 together "stays" together

By the way, here’s another rumour. Harper- right after he gets the guns back on our streets, plans to re-name Alberta- “Harper Territory”.
Well, it’s only fitting for a dictator of his magnitude.
I wonder why Castro never re-named Cuba- Castroland?

Just kiss your butt for luck, that here in Orillia sanity prevails and all three candidates for Mayor seem pretty open and Gay-friendly. Hey! Maybe the T.O. Pride Parade could move here?

Back to Ottawa on another political note, I believe that once Madam Jean “the Governess General” is kicked out of Rideau Hall, Iggy and Layton and the Bloc will try to get the new GG to kick Harper right back to the Oil Sands. It would save millions in election dollars and it would just be scooping the inevitable that will happen- eventually.

That’s right, after kids are finished shooting one other with “long guns” in the streets of our towns and cities or Jesus drops in un-expectantly from the skies, the Tories will be voted out of power anyway. I hear that Jesus could drop by as early as next May or October, during the “rapture”.

Holy Smokes. The “Rapture”!
That’s got to be another Blog for another time. Wait until you hear all that stuff.
Fires, brimstone, dead-folks getting up and walking the streets.
Christians- both born again and not-born-again, will fly through the skies right into Heaven where they’ll all live in Condos. Truthfully, the Condo’s are just for the white-folk. Everyone else will live over the hill and be neither seen nor heard. The rest of us sinners and any non-Christian folk, get to stay right here, alone, on earth for something like 7 years.
Good Lord! Seven years without the Mormons and the Jehovah’s knocking on our front doors?
The "Rapture"- Look Maw! I'm flying!
Sounds like “Heaven on Earth” to me.

Anyway, Tom Cruise will make it into a 3D Movie sooner or later!

Have a good day.