Tuesday, December 31, 2013


January 2014 and time to look in on our favourite gals- Jane and Blanche. It seems that Jane is upset with what she see's outside her Bleeker Street window. Let's see what's up.

Just Another January Day on Bleeker Street

Jane: What a piece of crap day this is!! ~puff~drag~puff~puff

Blanche: Why? What's the matter Jane Dear.

Jane: Well, just look Blanche. Look at that. Look there, out that window. ~puff~puff~

Blanche: (wheels to the window) What is it Jane? All I see is snow.

Jane: That's it Blanche. That's it exactly. All that F****** snow and cold! ~puff~

Blanche: Oh Jane Dear (chuckle), It's January for pitty sakes. There's always snow in January.

Jane: Well, I don't like it. It's filthy stuff. It keeps me in and makes driving dangerous. ~puff~

Blanche: Yes, that is true enough.

Jane:...and it ain't no fun.

Blanche: Yes I know Jane Dear. That's why you have to make your own fun. Go for a walk...

Jane: A f***ing what? ~puff~drag~ In this stuff? You are crazy sister Dear!

Blanche: Well then, go ice skating or tobogganing. Call Your friend Mr. Anderson.

Jane: Mr. Anderson? Mr. Anderson from down at the hardware store? That ~puff~ man?

Blanche: Yes. That man Jane. (pause) Hey, I thought you were giving up those cancer-sticks.

Jane: I will just as soon as you get outta that chair and walk around the block. Hah!

Blanche: Now Jane Dear, you know Dr. Mottle says that may not happen anytime soon.

Jane: Well, keep me abreast of any news will ya? You want a tea?

Blanche: That would be lovely Jane. (pause) You know what, maybe we can call a cab.

Jane: What fer?

Blanche: Well to get out of the house. We'll go have a tea and a snack at a nice little café.

Jane: ~puff~puff~ OK, Sure. Why not. It's better than sitting here growing fat on our asses!

Blanche: Yes Jane, that it is. That it is. Now, I'll go get changed and you arrange a cab.

Jane: ~puff~puff~ Sister Dear.

Blanche: What Jane?

Jane: Sometimes it's worthwhile having you around even though you're stuck in that damn chair.

Blanche: Why Jane. That's the nicest thing you've said to me so far this year! (chuckle)