Sunday, December 15, 2013


Someone stole my Christmas decorating idea!
You see, I have colourful little Crack Pipes hanging on my tree.
Now, I see where someone has designed this little glass figurine with a pipe attached.
Is nothing sacred?
Now, I’ll have to think of something different and de-decorate.
Xmas Sweater anyone?- Only $79.99
The Ford Saga continues- although not as out there in the media as it has been these past few months. I expect one of these days Ford will open his mouth to insert a big fat foot.
I feel sorry for that Toronto Star reporter Daniel Dale.
I understand how he feels. He needs to set the record straight and try to make Ford pay
for his buffoonishness.
I don't think he should have sued.
Now, he's being flagged as a whole bunch of things by the right-leaning papers and media.
The National Post and Conrad Black are nailing poor Daniel.
Now, Black is saying that he didn’t think Ford meant that Mr. Dales was the “P” Word.
Most everyone who saw the interview or read the transcript thought Ford meant it- so why not Connie?
Connie was most nasty- not only to Mr. Dale but especially to the Star in general.
This from a former convict too. Although he says as a convicted whatever-he-was, he was able to show the American justice system a thing or two.
Just what the Hell is he doing back in our country anyway?
He gave up his Canadian citizenship to become a British Lord.  You know that as Canadians we can’t hold a British Title and remain Canadian- don’t you?
So, of Liz calls you up one day to make you a Lord or Lady, you’ll have to politely decline if you want to remain “true north strong and free”.
So Connie- after he serves time in Yankeedom, comes crawling back.
No, were not welcoming him back as a Canadian but he’s here and has a TV show thanks to Moses.
Not the biblical guy- the Media guy.
Gee, can't these newspapers play nice?
In a day when their profits are dwindling something has to change.
How about- The Toronto Star…Toronto’s Nicest Paper!
What about “The Globe and Smile”
“The National Nonsense of Fun and Posts”
Stick this on your tree and smoke it!
I wish our papers just reported the news, never mind the "right/left side” of politics.
That's all that's mentioned anymore.
We become more like America every day.
Getting back to Daniel. I would- if I were him, let the fatman hang himself by himself.
There's still time and I believe he will.
After all it is the Holiday Season and we have to believe.
We believe in one Fat Fellow already who spreads his Joy, gifts and love.
I am sure that the other one will come through with more monkeyshies...eventually.