Tuesday, December 24, 2013


It’s a time to wrap yourself in Holiday warmth.
A time to be spiritual-whatever that means for you.
A chance to be retrospective. What have I done and where am I going?
A time for friends and family.
A time for re-charging our batteries.
I like to grab and hold close every wonderful, spirit-filled moment of this season
Snow hanging thickly on the branches of trees.
The crispness in the air.
Kids screaming with joy as they glide down the golf course hill on a new sleigh.
The hustle and bustle.
The smell of mincemeat pie warming in the oven.
Friends stopping by with a wish for good cheer.
A special delivery of flowers from a special friend.
Watching an old movie. Simple, heart-felt and home-spun.
I love to go out to dinner during the Holiday Season. Indulge my palette with a rich dessert. A special coffee-maybe a chocolate martini!
Yes, I’ll pay for it in January. I'll take a few extra walks and eat a few less desserts during that horrid month and the waistline might- eventually, come be back to normal!

This year we are missing our 17 year old yellow Lab, Kiki, who passed back on August 3rd. However we have the love and companionship of Missy-our mini-schnauzer who loves to go for a wintry walk and romp through through the freshly-fallen snow. Once home, there’ll be puuurfect greetings from our orange tabbies Dickens and Doyle.
We’ll take time to remember our Dear friend Sienny- Mrs. P, who passed early in the morning this past Labour Day. She was a gift to both of us and we cherish the memories of the 25 years in which P was a part of our lives.
Actually, this Holiday originates from a Roman Pagan Holiday that I believe started on December 21st-The Winter Solstice. When Christians- a couple of hundred years after Christ, wanted to proclaim a Holiday celebrating the Birth of the “Christ Child” they slid the Christmas Holiday in on the backside of the Romans who were celebrating at that time anyway...and the Romans knew backsides. Frontsides too!
However, it’s the little things that count-right?
Nothing says Happy Holidays like slipping into a nice, comfy Red Sweater.
Hot chocolate with an extra scoop of whipped cream.
A tasty butter tart. Maybe two.
Cousin Vilda’s  Pie. Yummmm.
Holiday tunes on Swisssh and Starlite Radio.  (Yes, that’s a shamless self-promotional plug!)
Holiday decorations shimmering on trees and from inside frosted windowpanes.
Thank you for tuning into Swisssh Radio and Starlite Radio- and of course, for reading this blog.
Have a Merry Holiday! May all your wishes come true.
If there’s only one gift you give at this wonderful time of the year-
Make it the gift of LOVE.
Sincere Season's Greeting to one and all.