Thursday, January 9, 2014


What am I doing these wintery days?
Feeding the squirrels… mostly.
Our furry little black or brown friends scurry up to our window every morning. They stand in the cold, white snow with little front paws clasped to their chest- like the church lady.
Patiently and hopefully, they wait until I go to the pantry to grab the big bag of Planter’s Peanuts- in the shells.
I open a window where I’ve taken out the summer screen and lob a few handfuls of peanuts towards the bird feeder- also outside the window. These days our feathered friends seem few and far between but our squirrel friends are there most of the day. The squirrels grab a couple of nuts and scurry back to one of the huge maples trees a few feet away. Some days a chipmunk or two- living under the north side of the house, drop by to grab a nut or two. I usually throw non-salted peanuts in their direction- out of the shells of course.
It’s kind of fun watching them run about but I can’t figure out how they stay warm on bone-chilling January nights.
Body fat, I guess.
Blackie in Summer
Like the birds they need to eat on cold days to keep warm, so I help them along by feeding them several times a day. When I’m not there shelling out from my window, they help themselves to the bird feeders.
From time to time a quartet of doves comes by to eat seeds from the screened feeder bolted to the top of the feeding station pole but few other birds. Chickadees come occasionally as well but I think all the squirrel action shoos the birds away for the most part.
I can’t stop feeding the squirrels now.
They look for their winter feedings to survive, so I need to keep it up.
It’s not such a big deal.
Seven dollars and forty-nine cents buys a big bag of peanuts up at Wally World and that’s good for a week- maybe two. We do get a lot of pleasure watching the squirrels frolic. Our cats- Dickens and Doyle, do too. They like to lie across the back of the leather chair at the window watching the squirrels romp about. It gives them something to do on cloudy, cold afternoons. Keeps their puddy minds active.
Gives my husband and me something to watch too keeping a couple of old pharts entertained!
We’ve even noticed different personalities within our squirrel family. Some are shier than others. Then there’s the big black fellah- Blackie, who can climb onto a bird feeder no matter how high we hang it.
He’s quite the acrobat.
So, that’s how we spend some of our winter time.
Watching the wildlife, while wishing for the hot days of summer and all for under 8 bucks a bag.