Monday, January 27, 2014


This ROBBLOG is called- “How Come”?
How come Americans believe Justin Bieber is American? Not that I really care, they can have him- for good.
I watched a You Tube video of a US Music Awards show recently. I wonder how come Americans think that they are the only country in the world that have done the right thing and allowed gay marriage in what- 11 states? What about the fact that gay marriage is legal in many countries such as here in Canada, in Spain, England and France? Doesn’t that count? The whole world doesn’t think "American" you know.
How come it never knows when to stop snowing?
How come Hugh Jackman gets the whole package- good looks, muscles, a nice smattering of hair on his chest as well as ability to act and sing?
Ahhhh...Hugh Jackman. A pretty picture.
How come that rap song- “Same Love” is so big? It's still rap and when the guy doesn't talk-rap on the recording, a girl- who at least can sing, chortles the chorus. What's going to happen to rap music 20 years down the road? Are people going to have fond memories to hold on to when they think of a rap song?
How come it’s rumoured that Stephen Harper and the Harperites have purposely devalued the Canadian buck? Is it because he has us- the taxpayers, to foot the bill for his mini-vacations to the Holy Land under the guise of “leadership”.  Does anyone in Israel really care about Canada or does any country Harper gives 150 million dollars of our money to care?
How come blood is thicker than water?
How come assholes exist? No, I don’t mean the ones we poop from…I mean the other kind.
An Human asshole up close. Don't touch!!
How come the women who comparison shop and show flyers advertising the same product at a lower price at another store, don’t shop at the other store offering the lower price in the first place. Why do they stand in front of me in my line at Wal*Mart? Do they really do something with the money they save or just buy more cigarettes and booze?
How come I have such a dim view of these shoppers?
How come people who smoke those electronic cigarettes don’t realize they are still inhaling crap into their lungs with every puff?
How come the people driving in front of me never signal?
How come cell phone companies lock their cell phones and if we want to unlock them it costs us 50 bucks? Apparently, it’s to protect us and them from fraud?
How come people got the brilliant idea to commit fraud in the first place?
How come a warm, beautiful place like Hawaii is 9 hours away- by air?
How come Brechin is only 15 minutes away- by car?
The Hawaii vs Brechin debate rages on.
How come Rob Ford is still in office? How come someone- anyone, can’t do something about it? What are they afraid of?
How come Stephen Harper is still in office when a minority of Canadians voted for this party in the first place?
How come I can’t think of any more How Comes right now?