Sunday, February 24, 2013


On Bleeker Street with Blanche & Jane
The Gals are in Paris, France
Blanche: Jane Dear, what do you say we go to the Eiffel Tower for lunch?
Jane: ~puff, puff~ Can I have my fags up there?
Blanche: No Jane. I don’t expect they allow smoking.
Jane: #$^% this is France isn’t it? Didn’t they invent freekin’ smoking?
Blanche: No Jane. I don’t think so. You’ve been watching too many old films.
Jane: Sex and ciggies. I’m sure it them French dammit! ~puff, drag, puff~
Blanche: Isn’t it enough Jane Dear that you can light up at the outdoor cafes?
Jane: Sure in the freezing #*&$# cold!
Blanche: Now Jane, that’s simply not true. Every café we have been at has had overhead heating.
Jane: Oh sure! You’re all nice and cozy inside while I freeze my titties off having a puff or two!
Blanche: So quit and stay inside with me. It’s as simple as that Jane.
Jane: What are you? Half human or something? Besides I look real classy when I smoke.
Blanche: ~chuckling~ I’m sure you think you do but every drag brings you closer to eternity.
Jane: Oh %##* You Sweetie. I’ll outlive you and Mother too.
Blanche: Jane Dear, Mother’s been dead for 20 years!
Jane: It’s just a figure of speech Blanche. ~puff, puff~
Blanche: We had better get going. Be a good girl. Call a taxi Jane Dear.
Jane: ~pauses~ This tower is pretty high up- ain’t it Blanche? ~puff, drag~
Blanche: Yes, I believe the Eiffel Tower is as you say- pretty high up. ~she laughs softly~
Jane: Hmmm. A Bitch falling off a tower in a wheelchair. It would be like a falling rocket.
Blanche: Oh Jane Dear, you’re always plotting the perfect way to get rid of me.
Jane: ~Puff, Puff~ Yes Blanche and someday I might just do it!
Blanche: Come Jane Dear, I want to buy postcards in the lobby before the taxi arrives.
Jane: ~puff, drag, puff~ Who’re you gonna send them to? You ain’t got no friends anyway…
Blanche: You’d be surprized Sister Dear. You’d be surprized!