Saturday, February 16, 2013


In Paris-
The City of Light, with Baby Jane and Blanche
Blanche: Oh Jane!! Isn’t this exciting? We’re in Paris!

Jane: Yeah well, I’m still waiting to get my *&(^%# ass pinched. ~puff, puff~ 

Blanche: Jane Dear, that’s Italy not France. Italian men pinch buttocks- not Parisians. 

Jane: You’re probably right. ~drag, cough, puff~ I’ve heard Paris men are all fags anyway. 

Blanche: Now Jane! That is not nice! What a thing to say. Parisiennes are lovers. L’amour. Whether they’re Gay or not!

Jane: La what? ~puff, puff~ 

Blanche: It’s all about “love” Jane. I mean look at those buildings there. How Romantic! Oh Look Jane! The Louvre. Let’s go see Mona Lisa! 

Jane: ~puff, puff~ You want me to come all the way across the freekin’ ocean to see some Lisa broad moaning? I don’t think so Blanche. 

Blanche: Jane. The Mona Lisa is a famous painting from Leonardo da Vinci. It’s in the Louvre. 

Jane: Well she can stay there. ~puff, puff~ Let’s go have a drink. There’s a place there! 

Blanche: Ok, I guess we can see the Louvre tomorrow. A café sounds nice. We can have a glass of French wine and a pastry or a tart!

Jane: That Mona woman ain’t gonna be there is she? 

Blanche: ~chuckling~ No Jane. I don’t think you’ll find the Mona I’m talking about in a Café in Paris. 

Jane: ~puff, drag, puff~ Good. Now wheel yourself through that door and try not to look too pathetic. This is Paris Blanche- not Bleeker Street. People don’t speak the King’s English here. 

Blanche: ~laughs~ No Jane. You have that correct. They don’t speak English. After you Madam!