Tuesday, November 29, 2011


We are still in Paris.
Not Ontario- although Paris Ontario is a nice spot too.

No, if you have read my last blog, you'll know that Tom and I are in Paris, France.
Tonight- mid afternoon for you, we saw Cabaret. This was the last Broadway production mounted in Paris for the second time.

Hmmm. It was all French.
Lyrics and Dialogue. Of course the music was familiar.
But all French? Is that the best these Parisiennes can do?
I am only kidding!!
Anyways, we were surprized that even the songs were "Frenchisized".
It was quite an experience to be in a theatre with a French Audience to be sure.
Somehow, it had a different feel- although the coughing, nose-blowing, late arrivals and audience members
talking during even the most quietest of songs was all there- in spades.

As I said, it was an experience.
Don't know what we'll do tomorrow.

On another note. Let's talk coffee.
It's very strong.
A very expensive experience.

I usually order a cafe au lait.
One cup costs anywhere from 2.80 Euros to 5 Euros.
That's about $3.20 to 7 dollars Canadian- and no refills.
Germany is the same, by the way- No refills.

Tonight, we had a quick supper break at McDonalds on the Champs Elysees before the theatre.
I can hear you!
All the way to Paris and we eat at McDonalds.
It was reasonable.
It was cheap by Parisienne standards!
A couple of Big Macs, 2 large fries and 2 drinks about 13 Euros.

Afterwards, I had a cafe au lait at the McCafe- yes they have McCafe's in Paris too. It was 2.80 Euros.
In comparison, the night before at Le Relais- a favourite Paris Restaurant of ours, dinner, dessert and one small pot of tea for the two of us totalled 80 Euros- over 130 dollars Canadian!


One has to get used to not having as much coffee as at home- although with it being stronger,
it gets the caffeeine into the bloodstream just the same.

Oh, on the ICE Train from Mainz to Paris- First Class. NO coffee or tea was offered.
However, a meal in a box, apple juice and H2O was all included in the price.

That's about it Paris for this time at least.

Bottom line- Paris is NOT cheap.
Of course neither am I so it works out!!