Friday, November 11, 2011

ROBBLOG #338 W E E K E N D Edition

That most ugly of all four letter words has surfaced here for the first time this year. 

The 11th day of the 11th month in 2011 saw snow on my back deck. It was a surprize. It wasn’t in the forecast yesterday- at least the forecast I saw- but those crazy weather guys and gals slipped it in when we weren’t looking last evening at 7PM. 

Damn them! 

I still hadn’t taken the canvas cover off the gazebo on the back deck. A boston fern, a red zonal geranium and a hanging ivy geranium were still all clustered on a table beneath the canvas roof for protection from cool nights. 

I moved the plants into the garage about 10ish because it was cool outside. How long do I intend to keep those plants you say?
I’m expecting it to get real warm again- I guess.
Imagine a boston fern still outside in November.  

Then *&*&^% flurries began about midnight. South of us here in Orillia, they really got some snow. Up in Muskoka too but ours was just a light dusting. However, by 2 in the morning- yes I was up at Oh-two hundred, it was snowing a bit heavier, so I went outside and took the canvas roof off and threw it in the garage. 

Why was I up at Oh Dark Hundred?

Well the computer in the Swisssh Studio that allows me to do production work- commercials and such, stopped running. It’s the computer that also hosts Swisssh Holiday Radio. So I had to quickly transfer Swisssh Holiday Radio to my laptop to keep it on air. The actual production computer is toast for now. Our friend and computer Guru Richard from Nerd on Wheels is going to try to bring it back to life. I have another un-used computer that may have to substitute. What a mess!
The computer business- not the snow! 

You know technology is just great when everything works. Then, when things stop working and they break down- it’s a bloody nightmare! 

Of course, snow can be a nightmare before Christmas too. I read about several accidents overnight. People still drive on snow-covered roads like it was the middle of July! 

Have I snow tires on the Swissshmobile yet?
I do have a brush or two, an ice scraper and a container of windshield antifreeze tucked away in the back seat. 

Snow plus computer downtime.
What a lovely start to a day…

It could make a person cuss out loud!