Thursday, November 17, 2011

ROBBLOG #340 W E E K E N D Edition

I wrote this RobBlog #340 before we got a few centimetres of the white stuff. Double digit temps return on Saturday so be patient. Here’s what I wrote for you before the Thursday evening Blizzard hit us! 

Down the street a neighbour has two fuschia baskets hanging on their front verandah. The pair of plants are blooming like crazy. Another block away, a still-flowering bunch of ivy geraniums cascade from a wooden bucket, like it was early July.

I have a Boston fern, a pink ivy geranium and a deep red, zonal geranium still in good condition. On cool days and cold overnights they nestle next to a window in the garage. On warm days and mild nights I bring bring them out onto the back deck. I don’t know how long before they get sent to the yard waste bin- just not yet. A neighbour has told me she’ll keep the geraniums in her basement over the winter. She loves plants and gardening! Maybe they’ll get a winter home inside away from frost and freezing temps. 

So folks- this is November?

I know we had a skiff of snow a week ago- Barrie got clobbered of course, however it is past mid-November. I cut the grass and mulched some leaves with the mower two days ago! I am still riding 15k on my bike on sunny or mild days.
This is nuts!
I am not complaining though…
The other day the Gordon Lightfoot  Trail was packed with folks walking, running, rollerblading and bicycling and at 3:30 in the afternoon. 

Over the past week, I’ve been putting up outdoor Christmas lights while wearing just a tee shirt or light sweater. One day, I even broke into a sweat while stashing wicker furniture away for the winter in our Shed-Mahal.
It seems odd.
I do remember a November/December a few years back- after we moved to Pine Tree House, where we didn’t see a flake of snow- let alone snow on the ground until New Year’s Eve.

That was brilliant!

I’m all for winter activities for those who appreciate skiing and tobogganing and the resorts that rely on winter weather to make their “doh rei mei”  but personally, if I want to see snow, I can look at a photograph. 

This year it seems a bit strange that Santa Claus Parades are happening everywhere., every weekend. Holiday House Tours are in full swing and stores are pushing their Christmas products. Christmas songs are playing over loud speakers at Wal*Mart as well as on Swisssh Radio and Swisssh Holiday Radio. 

Too early? 

I’m all for brightening up November and after Hallowe’en has passed by- what else is there to celebrate? Cold weather?
That will arrive soon enough. 

In the meantime, I have to run. I need to water my fern and prune my Ivy Geranium before a bike ride.

Huh…go figure.
Gardening past mid-November.
Riding the trail.
No winter boots.
Ya just gotta Love it!