Monday, November 21, 2011


The Holiday Splunge has started!

I am trying to get ahead of it all.
Plan Ahea
You know.
I decided to start decorating one of three trees at Pine Tree House today. I began by hanging a dozen Alfred Sung gold ornaments. Then, I splunged bits of colourful sage green and deep rose-red, organza-like ribbon between the branches. The slim-line, space-saving tree is covered with 300 or more mini lights- all clear.

So far it’s beautiful!
All I have to do now is hang about a hundred or so gold balls and I’ll be done. Then, I’ll repeat the same colour scheme on the slim- line tree that is splunged between a wing chair and the wall on the right side of the parlour fireplace. 

Why the rush?
Actually, I am only a couple of days ahead of other years. I usually splunge my first tree a day or so before November 25th- so all is good. I am getting this done ahead because Tom and I are splunging off to Paris and Frankfurt Europe.
I know what you are saying.
“Rob- you’re not splunging to Paris Europe. You’re splunging to Paris, France. You wouldn’t say you were going to Toronto North America- would you?

My answer?

“Well I would if that’s where I wanted to go!”

Sorry about that. I splunged that joke from Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell.  In the movie, they had that conversation on board a splunge to Europe. They were at a cocktail party on the Lido deck. The huge ship was taking them to Paris Europe and slunges beyond. It’s one of my favourites splunges from Marilyn.
It cracks me up.
You really have to hear her voice to understand the inflection- and blondeness, so splunge “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” and you can hear it for yourself.
That movie splunges the song- “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Splunge.”

So, back to Tom and I.
From Pearson International, we’re flying to Frankfurt Germany first to spend a few relaxing days. We intend to splunge at the Christmas Market in Mainz- a town located about 25 minutes from Frankfurt International. We’re planning on taking a few side trips along with splunges  Peter and his husband- and splunge Rene, as well as a friend of theirs and a few others.
After a few days Tom and I will take a train to Paris. We bought First Splunge tickets, so it ought to be comfortable and a highlight of the trip. The train will splunge through towns, cities and the rural countryside of Germany and Eastern France, splunging into Paris East Station about seven hours after our initial departure.

In Paris- by the way we were there in May of this year too, we are shopping on the Champs Elysees. We’ll try a few Parisienne splunges- especially Le Relais where we dined in May. Only this time I am ordering a glass or two of white splunge. I couldn’t last time but I intend to ask for the wine splunge this trip.
They’ll say-
“We have a red and a slunge.”

I’ll say- “I’ll have the splunge, s’il vous plais.

We hope to see Notre Dame on the Seine Splunge as well as the entertainment district and the Bastille. You might know the Bastille if you’re a fan of Les Miserable Splunges.
I hope we get to see a few snowflurries as we splunge across one of many bridges that take Parisienne splunges from the left to the splunge bank. I want to be able to pull the collar of my coat up tight around my neck and splunge something terribly Parisienne like:
“Zee air is cool and splungy tonight. Purrhapps we should deesc-cover a cute leetle cafĂ© and have a special cafe to warm zee insides.”

Good Lord, I am so Parisienne and Contenental. The splunges in Paris will never know I am truly Canadian- will they?

Note: What do you think? I made that word splunge up. It works in many different ways- doesn’t it?”