Monday, August 1, 2011


Oie! The Big six -Ohhhhhhhh!
Yup, I turned the big six-oh last Friday!
My friend Cathy says I should just shut up and stop telling people.
Nobody cares.
Nobody knows.
That’s the truth.
The majority of my Birthday Cards included “hand-written” notes inside- along with the Hallmark-style greetings already printed on the card, which said- “Gee, you look more like 40 that 60! No really!”
I am very happy to hear such hearty wishes. Of course everyone knows- at least those of us that are turning 60, that 60 is the new 40.
What the Hell is 70 then?
By the time I get there maybe 70 will be the new forty. I would like everyone to start that rumour going now and maybe by the time this 60’s decade ends it will stick. I could hear ten years down the road-
“Don’t worry Rob. 70 is the new 40!”
I can only hope.
What’s the best thing about turning 60?
Knowing that I didn’t pass on in my fifties, I suppose.
I remember in my 20’s I wondered from time to time when my days on earth would be through. Since 50 something seemed light years away when you’re 22 or 23 I am sure I wondered if I’d still be around when I was in my late 50’s.
Well, I made it through. I just can’t remember most of it.
That's Me on the left when I was 17.  A friend Rick on the right.
Right now, I have a good chance of being around to celebrate that magic 70 number and possibly beyond.
I have no major medical problems.
I can still bike, rollerblade and run- if I need to.
I don’t run that often these days, especially in the summer months when I usually wear “flip-flops” on my feet. It’s not a pretty sight seeing a man running through the parking lot at Wal*Mart with thongs flapping and snapping against his bare heels. It doesn’t matter how you run, you always look like a girl.
That doesn’t both me- really, but people point, stare and snicker anyway.
Let ‘em.
I am secure in my masculinity.
I like wearing thongs too- especially when my feet are all tanned and athletic-looking.
Whatever it takes to be noticed. After all, it is all about me.
If that turns you off, go write your own blog!
No! No!
Don’t leave just yet!
So, I didn’t “pass on” in my 50’s and here I am with this new “frame of mind”. That’s what turning 60 has done to me so far. It’s only been a few days I know but I have made up my mind to appreciate things more.
Marvel more at the world around me.
Especially, handsome, well-built men.
That’s nothing new.
I’ve always done that!
I plan to continue living by my New Year’s Resolution. That was- and is, to “keep my mouth shut!”
It’s worked well for me so far this year.
Yes, I have fallen off the “hay wagon” once or twice but not to the same degree I once would have.
Then, a day or so ago- right after my Birthday, I received a “special” e-mail.
It was so special, I was at once offended and saddened. I haven’t quite decided how to respond- if a response is even required or necessary.
I refer you to the paragraph above and my New Year’s Resolution.
I am still thinking what I might say and how I might say it.
I did ask a few friends to read what I had been sent and have since received their responses. They too are offended- outraged in a couple of cases. I am trying to decide whether I should print a portion of the e-mail I received- especially one vitriolic response or just write a reply myself. So far, most of what I want to say is all in my head. It hasn’t been written down. I wonder if it’s even worth my time to put it all down on paper.
A friend tells me to “grow some!”
"Grow Some what?...Oh! Them? Philip has them. Well, one at least. The other fell of in 1966-Hem, Hem, Hem!"
I am thinking about it.
I’ll let you know. In the meantime I am "easing" into this new frontier of this journey
called “life”.

I’ll let you know how it goes!