Friday, July 29, 2011

ROBBLOG #296 W E E K E N D Edition

I am tired.
We finished the run of Norm Foster's "Looking" in Gravenhurst at the Opera House on Thursday.
We had big houses.
Larger than we had at the Studio Theatre in Orillia back in February.
The OP in Gravenhurst tells us that we have been the biggest summer show- as far as audience numbesr, that they have had in recent years!
How's that Orillia?
Sorry you didn't come now to support some Orillia-based actors and stage folk?
Not to worry.
It wasn't just you that stayed away.
There was no amount of- "You scatch my back and I'll scratch yours".
For some, the show like it didn't even exist.
Like acknowledging that some "Orillia Theatre People" were presenting a show in Gravenhurst was akin to cuddling up to the "evil dead".
An shot of the CAST in Rehearsal last winter!
Oh- but the marvelous troupe of out-of-town actors populating "local" summer theatre were the "bee's knees".

To be fair many people did come and many had seen the show in Orillia but raved about the new set and look of "Looking".
Thanks for that.
It was really appreciated.

I could count on one hand the number of MAT people who came to the show and we have all been on MAT stages- some of us for many years!
As Andy's character says in "Looking"- "Thanks Matt!"
Of course, few MAT people support their members in other endeavors anyway.

I'll stop there. We had a wonderful time in Gravenhurst.
The audiences were fabulous!
The Opera House staff were all very accommodating and nobody...nobody stood over us telling us do this, do that and don't ever do this thing!
It was refreshing to say the least.


Hey, it's a Civic Holiday Weekend! I started the weekend on a rather high note. Tom and I hosted 40 people at my 60th Birthday celebrations out at Casino Rama FRiday- in the Firestarter Lounge.
It was wonderful.
The food was great.
The service top-notch and my Birthday Cake was a "chocolate orgazam".
Two hundred dollars worth of Chocolate.

So onwards now.
I am 60.
Can't change that.
I am told I don't look 60.
That's a relief.
I don't feel it either.

As one friend said- "Rob, you're ass won't fall off at 60!"
Another said- "The way I figure it, you got 20 good years left!"
Are those supposed to be words to live by or something?
Oh well.
I laughed and life goes on.

Have a great weekend!

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