Sunday, July 10, 2011


We saw Hugh Jackman in concert at the Princess of Wales Theatre in Toronto on Sunday afternoon.

You know- "Wolverine" for those readers who only know Mr. Jackman as a movie star and not a hoofer and singer.
Man can that guy dance- and sing!
He was absolutely amazing and awesome.
I have been trying to recall a concert that affected me more than Mr. Jackman giving 120 percent for 120 minutes on that Princess of Wales stage on Sunday.
Hugh Jackman (Tom Ruechel Photo)
It was one-on-one.
~sigh~ I only wish. Sorry, Hunnie.
It seemed like it was just Hugh.
The orchestra

Rock Voisine comes closest for projecting the same feeling of intimacy towards the audience. Of course, he is very easy on the eyes- if not more so, that the stunning Mr. Jackman.

Now, to be fair, Hugh is no slouch either.
No sir.
Long legs.
Nice eyes.
A hairy chest- revealed through a series of buttons that were undone on the shirts he wore on stage. He didn't remove any of the shirts during this performance but I understand earlier in the week he did!

Then, I thought about Rita MacNeil.
A Lady. No doubt about that!
Salt of the earth from Cape Breton.
Tore my heart out when a 100 miners came trudging up on stage behind her during a recent Casino Rama concert.
But does she dance?

Liza Minnelli.
Terrific show.
I've seen her twice. A true entertainer too.
She sings.
She dances- as best she can on her surgery-ridden gams. She tells stories about marrying several “Gay” men- including Peter Allen- the guy Hugh portrayed in The Boy from Oz and revives during this one man show at the Princes of Wales.

Bernadette Peters.
Also very good. Very, very good.
A Broadway star in every sense of the word.
Just not Hugh.

Dolly Parton.
Again, very lovely. Cute on stage.
Sincere with huge...
A true delight and a memorable concert.

Back to Hugh.
We saw him going into the Stage Door- albeit with about 20 other people (see photos)- but he stopped to talk. He had his photo taken and took the time to sign autographs.
He was very real, quite charming and un-obsessed with his super stardom.
Yes, he was quite gorgeous too.
Nice hair.
Big chest.
Sparkling eyes.
Someone you'd take home to Mother?
Hugh Outside Theatre
 (Tom Ruechel Photo)
Apparently not since he introduced and even sang a song to his wife during the show. Sang Happy Birthday to his 6 year old daughter- although she was just too shy to come on the stage. His 11 year old son did though, during a salute to Australia.
He played the didgeridoo.

Again- Gay?
I could see some “Gay Genes” but I would have to say I believe the “straight” hormones won out.
Just barely.
Good Lord!
If I could only point my toes and dance and sing- hitting the high notes every time with ease and perfection, the things I would do!
His portrayal of Gay Australian Icon Peter Allen was especially charming. A sequined top tied with a bow above his tight belly.
What a sight!
Hugh had me in tears a couple of times. He was just that good. He oozed “boy-next-doorness”.

He was simply awesome as I said off the top of this blog.
If you can get a ticket, Hugh holds court at the Princess of Wales till July 17.
Hugh (right) in Boy from Oz
Never been in the Princess of Wales?
Neither had “Peter Allen” according to Hugh during his portrayal of the Aussie singer.

In Peter's words- “I've never been in her but I've talked to her!