Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Sunday night I thought I was going to die! 

About 7 in the evening I started feeling strange.
Stranger than normal I mean!
I went to bed.
The next four hours was plain awful. I had a headache that felt like the top of my head was being ripped off and my eyes were going to explode. 

I was hot.
Then cold.
Then hot again.
I shook. I moaned and I sobbed.
The pain was terrific.
I even thought that Jack Layton was calling me up yonder! 

"Rob. Rob!"- Jack kept calling to me from a misty place over my sick bed.
"C’mon up the weather’s fine!"

"No Jack. No!"- I answered. "I’m not ready to leave just yet!" 

He smiled with blue eyes sparkling.
Then turned and faded away...into the Mystic...
As he did, I heard him say-
"I’ll catch you later then Rob." 

Oh great! In the midst of my pain I was hallucinating too!
Nurse Tom kept asking me if I wanted to go to emergency.
I kept saying no.
Finally after some “release” about 11ish, I started to feel better and was able to drift off to sleep. 

Food Poisoning?
I dunno. I hadn’t eaten since morning.
I did have a piece or two of a chocolate bar in the afternoon and a half bottle of water.
The chocolate bar I had been eating over the past couple of days.
So that wasn’t it.
It didn’t make me sick the day before Sunday. 

After talking to a neighbour the next day, I suddenly realized the bottled water was the culprit. The bottle was in the back of the fridge behind the mayonnaise jar. Before we walked the dogs Sunday afternoon, I grabbed the bottle.

“Hmmm. Half Full. That’ll do for a short walk.”- I remember thinking.

However, the bottle had been in the van for a day or so and I had taken it out and placed it in the fridge. With the heat in the van it was likely bristling with bacteria.

I drank it.
I got sick. 

So, I have to re-think these plastic bottles and the habit I have of re-filling them for a few days without proper sterilization and of course, letting them sit in the van. 

Another friend said the plastic is loaded with crap that can be cancer-causing and I shouldn’t be using the plastic bottles at all. Even those big bottles that we bought at one time for our water cooler- before the new fridge that now supplies reverse osmosis water at the touch of a finger, can be bad. This is especially so if the bottle is stored in a warm area of the house or garage.


So I am still re-thinking how to get around this drinking from plastic bottles. I use them all the time. On walks. In the van. On bike rides. I'll buy a metal bottle.

I will be more careful because I don’t really want to be ill like that again- anytime soon. 


Here it is the end of the Month of August and yesterday I received the application for the 2011 Orillia Santa Claus Parade in the mail. If the Swissshmobile is in the Parade this year, that will mark the 5th Anniversary. I’d like to do something different this year.
Go Big or go home!
I have almost 3 months to think about it. 

More importantly and more immediately, I have to think about learning some dialogue for a fund-raising evening at St. James the second Friday in September.

Hello Autumn! 

Have a good one.