Wednesday, August 17, 2011


There is something very comforting about having your mate around all the time.

You see, getting my head around turning 60 years of age last month is one thing. Now Tom-my husband, has returned to work after being on vacation since the last week in July. I miss him already and yes sometimes we piss each other off.
But not for long.
I suppose with those extended days off, I have been wondering what it would be like to have him around- all the time.
As in “retirement”.
Hey look! We can afford it.
I start getting my C.P.P come August 29th. It’s not a lot. I know the value now but hell, it’s better than a slap in the face from Joan Crawford!
I look forward to Tom’s retirement. I have been mucking around in that murky pond of retirement for 5 years already. Yes, I do operate Swisssh Radio and the Radio’s Website
Yes, I do write a lot- including shows.
Yes, I actually perform in some shows too and yes, that brings in some cash- even if it’s just a honourarium.
Once again, better than a kick up my “Gay” ass!
Some days, when Tom’s on an extended vacation period, we do our own thing from time to time but mostly we’re still attached at the hip after 26 years. I am sure there are those who wonder about that but when it’s your true “soul mate” it’s not that hard to understand. Look, we stay close because there’s a need to keep our Homosexual Wagons in a circle. You never can tell when those “terrible Tories” will attack and slap you up the right side of your face before you even see it coming!
This is Eric from "True Blood". Nothing to do with this blog but- ain't he pretty?
It’s hard these days to understand the voting public’s penchant for all things Conservative. It`s like chowing down on a hunk of deep fried butter at the CNE I guess. Initially you like it- but 20 minutes after you`ve eaten it you want to puke!
If we’re not careful they’ll be shoving all us “Gays and Lesbians” back in the closet Brothers and Sisters! I mean many of them can’t wrap their heads around one being Gay. Yes Brue Stanton waves and smiles at us from parades. Garfield Dunlop came on our Hank show last year- all true.
However when you talk openly to some, there`s an aura of “homosexual dirtiness” about it all so let’s change the subject. Some believe it to be “unclean”- like Elizabeth May’s sandals after she’s slipped around in some environmentally friendly dog poo in Stanley Park. At least that’s how I feel sometimes.
Case in point is that hurtful, offensive message- that some deemed “cute” that came from some “good people” a couple of weeks ago. It was in a blog
I’ve tried to let it go but I can’t.
It’s stuck in my gut like a piece of undercooked liver. I can’t tell you how many people also thought the whole thing was quite inappropriate and offensive. I’m trying to let it drip through the coffee filter of my life.
On a lighter note,
I even asked Jesus what he thought about the whole thing.
Yes, I have occasional chats with famous people!
Hugh Jackman. Jack Layton. Jesus.
Why not?
I asked Jesus about these people hinting that we should stay in the closet and just keep our “fruitfulness” to ourselves. Stay quiet, like a good gun-toting, “kissing the ass of Christ ”, Tory would have us do.
Are you shocked?
Jesus doesn’t mind us using his name like that. He told me that any publicity in this day of age is good publicity. He referred me to Stephen Harper’s shenanigans.
Now see here, if you don’t believe I have a few bits of conversation back and forth with God-Almighty who are you to judge?
I have faith I do.
Millions upon millions of Catholics believe they are members of the only real religion on earth- and that goes for the Jews and Baptists too, believing their top guy is Christ’s Disciple on earth. His main man!
What a crock eh?
With all the shit that that religion- or any religion, has piled onto the hearts and moinds of the general populace over the centuries, they should be downright embarrassed to even hint that they are even one part holy.
Holy. In the “hole” of the toe of their nylon hose…maybe.

Good Lord. Give me a blog and I write a book.
Oh well.
It keeps me occupied until my Hunnie comes through that door again, smiling his smile,
wearing his uniform and stinking his stink- like a Boeing 767 Lavatory in economy class!
Gotta love him!
And I do.