Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Is it the “Dog Days” of summer yet?

Those hot, dry and dusty days with their “Hot Summer Nights”?
You know.
The nights Neil Diamond sings about.
Of course, yesterday, Wednesday, was not a prime example. 

It was a day of sun and wind and rain and more rain.
Huge, billowy clouds filling the summer sky.
Some light and fluffy.
Others dark and very stormy.
Typical for some August days, I guess. 

So, here we are heading towards the middle of the month.
I try to enjoy the month. Enjoy it to its fullest. Although it’s hard not to think that August means September is right on its heels. 

August means the Canadian National Exhibition and summer’s waning. We’ve made plans and will go to the Ex again this year- like every year!
She’s not the Grand Lady she once was but let’s face it most of us are starting to feel the downward tug of the years. I know I am, so why shouldn’t she? 

It’ll be the same old tired CNE stuff but really who gives a flying fig?
The Ex Midway.
The Farm display- for city folk who have never seen a cow- or piglet, up close.
There’ll be fried food like deep fried butter- yeech!
Hamburgers patties piled on top of sugary donuts.
Waffles and ice cream.
Battered hot dogs on sticks- and more. 
The CNE Midway in the 60's. Notice the Shell Tower at the back and the Alpine Way?

It’s still fun-especially on a hot August day.
People-watching is truly fine!
Maybe I should say “man-watching”.
Yes Sir, it can get pretty fine at the Exhibition Grounds along the sparkling shores of Lake Ontario on a hot summer day, when theguys peel off their shirts because of the heat. 
Remember the Old "Aquarama" Ski Show at the Ex?

It’s really a tradition of sorts.
It’s like the last fling for the “boys of summer”.
It`s there final chance to show off tans and bulging muscles under a hot summer sun.
The best part?
It`s all free for the spectator.
This year both Neil Sedaka and Glen Campbell perform at the Ex’s Bandshell.
Gee, those two are Casino Rama stalwarts!
What’s up? 

August also brings us roadside stands bursting with summer produce and lazy susan’s colourfully accenting our gardens with golden, yellowy, orange beauty. 

Summer still has a way to go. I`ve heard some folks say that summer will stick around to the end of September- maybe longer. It`s done that in recent memory- and it just might. 

Our Mountain Ash has a good supply of orange berries right now, soon to turn a brilliant red for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Last year the tree was laden down. This year- not so much. That could mean a kinder, gentler winter. 

Speaking of which, our snowplow guy called today to see if we required his services again this year! Unless he knows something about the winter that we don’t, the answer was yes!

These truly are the “Dog Days”- aren’t they?