Thursday, January 27, 2011

ROBBLOG # 214 W E E K E N D Edition

I was talking to a radio buddy the other day and the topic of Christian Radio came up.

I said- “Come on- Christian Radio?- I mean really?”

“Yes. It’s out there.”- he says with a grin.

“I know it’s out there, but have you ever really thought about it?”

He paused for a second, drumming his fingers on the wooden table in front of him- “No, but it’s probably a tax free deal.”

“Isn’t everything concerning religion?”- I reply.

“Yes,”- he nods his head slowly, “I guess it is. I wonder if Jesus appreciates Christian Rock?”

“Well,”- I add, “It’s not just Rock. Its gospel, pop and even teen rap.”

“Rap? Really? Rap?”- my friends says, as if he thought it was just all- ‘what a friend we have in Jesus’ stuff.

“Heck yes, it runs from nice to nasty- well as nasty as today’s Christian Music can be.” I grin.

“So, do you think Jesus likes it all? The music I mean. Do you think he’d be in favour of today’s sound of the Christian hits?” He expected an answer.
I thought for a few seconds.

“You know, religion is a real archaic kind of thing. I mean people are worshipping and falling at the feet of some mystical being who lived- if he did at all, more than 2000 years ago. God, they ate with their fingers back then, never wore underwear and sent women away every 29 days or so until their bleeding stopped!”

“Okay. Okay!”- my friend says quickly, “That’s a little more than I asked for.

“Yes but its all part of it.”
I continue.
“Religious folks have their own beliefs and faith. Some of them make it up as they go along- even the bible. Hell you take a half-decent writer and he could make up any number of verses that sound like they could be found in the Bible- but aren’t.”

He stares up at me- “Get out!”

I think for a second.
“Okay. Truth or Consequence-

‘…and Jesus said: The hills are the Lords. The lambs and sheep and water of the streams are all his. For he is the stream of life and the power of the Lord is in the sheep and all living things and so within his Glory are the hills and all that abide within.’

So. Real or fake?”

“Oh, no.”- he says shaking his head, “I’m not going to hazard a guess. That sounds too good either way.”

“You see. It’s just words.”- I want to continue but my friend interrupts.

“I know. I know”- my friend interrupts, “But maybe the mysticality of it all is what sells Christian Radio to their listeners. Maybe if they listen daily, they think it’ll be their pathway to Heaven- or at least it’ll get them past the Rapture!”

I look at him and say- “What? The Rapture. Most churches and spiritual organizations today have given up on the Rapture. They don’t believe in that mumbo jumbo anymore!”

“You’re kidding?”- I say.

“No really!”- he adds, slapping the table this time.

I continue. “But the church’s Dogma is set up to be so, well, hateful and intolerant. It divides rather than gathers the flock together!”

“You mean stone-age stuff.”- he says.

“Yes! Definitely! It’s stone age stuff. Draconian. Middle ages. We don’t live in the stone age anymore- let alone the middle ages!” –I sounded singularly certain.

Then, he continues. “Now as for God, I think she'd prefer something light like CHFI- don't you?”

“Probably…” I can’t think of another choice that would suit her better except for all Michael Buble- all the time.

“So, religious broadcasting. Christian radio. What a deal-eh?”

“Gee, I hope Jesus doesn't get offended.”- says my friend.

“Hmmm....I wonder, does Jesus pay for Satelite Radio or does he get it for free being omnipotent.” –I suggest, “Or is it just God who's omnipotent?”
“Haven’t got a clue. Want to go for a Timmies?”- he quickly adds.