Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Words are never enough…

Two rich society “friends”- Marcia and Roweena, meet on the street. A conversation- of sorts, ensues. Roweena speaks first.

Marcia: Roweena!

Roweena: Marcia

Marcia: so

Roweena: so

Marcia: it’s…

Roweena: yes?

Marcia: really

Roweena: yes?

Marcia: really…

Roweena: yes…


Roweena: Certainly

Marcia: Oh.

Roweena: What?

Marcia: Surgery?

Roweena: Yes.

Marcia: Ah…

Roweena: Well?

Marcia: Perfect!

Roweena: Liar.

Marcia: Skank!

Roweena: Yes!

Marcia: Ummm…

Roweena: what?

Marcia: tea?

Roweena: Delightful

Marcia: where?

Roweena: there!

Marcia: Lovely.

Server: Ladies?

Marcia: Tea..

Roweena: Two.

Server: Scones?

Roweena: No

Server: Brownies?

Roweena: Chocolate?

Server: naturally.

Roweena: Yes.

Marcia: two

Server: Certainly.

Marcia: Cute.

Roweena: Hot

Marcia: precisely.

Roweena: So?

Marcia: Oh…

Roweena: Sorry.

Marcia: Sorry?

Roweena: Yes.

Marcia: I

Roweena: just

Marcia: just?

Roweena: felt

Marcia: unloved?

Roweena: Old!

Marcia: hmmm

Roweena: Yes!

Marcia: Really?

Server: Tea!

Marcia: Thanks.

Roweena: Brownies…

Marcia: Ooooh.

Roweena: Ummm...

Server: Ma’am?

Roweena: F**k?

Server: Now?

Roweena: Yes.

Marcia: Roweena!!

Roweena: Sorry.

Marcia: but..

Roweena: Horny…

Marcia:  figures.

Roweena: stud…

Server: Ma’am?

Roweena: Come...

Server: Probably.

Roweena: Naughty!

Marcia: Roweena…

Roweena: Marcia…

Marcia: Skank.

Roweena: Yes!

The End