Sunday, January 2, 2011


Note: The following blog is a “little Gay”…

Okay, maybe it’s a lot Gay. The story just came into my head the other evening and I wrote it down below.

I just wanted you to be aware of the "gay" fact before you settled in to read it and spit your morning coffee across the room.

Choo Choo Choo...

“You are quite a beautiful young man. Especially, in repose.”

Benjamin jolted awake from his half sleep and stared at the older gentlemen opposite him. He heard the steady clack of the coach’s wheels- like rhythmic prose, beneath his feet.

“Pardon, Sir?”-he said

“I say you are quite beautiful lad when you sleep.” The Gentleman’s lips rose at the corners as a smile swept across his face.

“Oh, well, thank you. I suppose. That’s a rather uncomfortable remark to address to someone while they sleep, Sir.”

“Well I couldn’t help myself. Your pardon, pray young sir?”

The Man leaned forward and Benjamin could see this man- not much more than his own age- although he was much taller and perhaps stronger, judging by the size and obvious strength of his hands.

“I just came on at the last station and I was quite moved by your handsomeness as I walked along the cars. You, lying there with your shirt open- as you can see it is, your ample chest heaving up and down as the afternoon rays of the sun danced off your blonde chest hairs. It was an invitation. You should not be surprised that I accepted so readily. It was quite moving watching you.” The Gentleman sat back in his seat.

“Well, Sir. I am quite sure I do not know how to respond. It is not everyday that I get a compliment as large and as personal as yours.”

“Oh, come, come Lad.”- The Gentleman’s sinewy hands rested on the luminous silver knob atop an ebony walking stick which he held in front of him. “You mean to say that a young man with your obvious beauty does not receive such compliments on a regular basis? Why, I am shocked.”

Benjamined paused, then said- “Perhaps Sir, I should qualify that and tell you that such compliments are more often from a young lady and not from a Gentlemen of your obvious stature. I know that my body is firm and hard and my face that of an angel from Heaven above but that is all I know.”

The Gentleman’s face became hard. The smile and pleasantness of the time just seconds before, had been replaced by a menacing scowl.

“Why you self-centred, egotistical little prick! Can’t you just sit there and receive my praise and accept the fact that you are some kind of stud? No! You have to sit there in all your Macho Beauty and agree with me! And wipe that smirk from your handsome face- and just what is that?”

The man pointed towards Benjamin’s crotch with his stick. Benjamin looked down and saw the rise in his trousers. It was as if he had pitched a tent in Algonquin Park.

Benjamin looked up at the man and said mockingly- “Why Sir, I believe it’s called an erection!”

“I know what it’s called! Don’t play the “daft cute boy” with me. I want to know why is it there?”

Benjamin laughed- “Perhaps because I just woke up- added to the fact that I was dreaming about laying naked in the hot sun on a wooden dock next to a beautiful sparkling lake.”

“Perhaps? Perhaps you say. What I see protruding through those 501’s of yours is certainly more than “perhaps”. It’s a full erection and be- as it may, that you were having naked dreams, I can see your extended state is a pleasurable one for you- even though you are in the company of a stranger.”

Benjamin smiled as he looked into the Gentleman’s face.

“Are you embarrassed or shocked Dear Sir? For you appear to enjoy keeping your view directly on my remarkable largeness!”

The Gentleman drew his body forward from his seat and gently leaned into Benjamin’s face. When inches away, the man greedily grabbed at Benjamin and said-
“This I claim in the name of Her Majesty, Queen Dorka, Queen of Church and Wellesley!”

Benjamin burst forth in a hot torrent of satisfaction.

There was silence for a moment. The man released his grip and together they let out the loudest of laughs that continued for several minutes.

“Good Lord Ben!”- said the Gentleman. “That was the best game yet. I had no idea where I was going with this, yet you brought the entire adventure along to a satisfactory conclusion.”

“Good Gosh Tony! That was freekin’ fantastic! I’m sopping wet. How be we stop over at my place and grab a quick shower before bible class?”

“I suppose I could risk being entertained one more time but let’s be quick.

“Slow down Biblical Girlfriend. We still have plenty of time. Oh, here’s our stop. Oh, Tony…”


“It feels like a swamp down here.” Benjamin gestures towards his groin.

Tony laughs. “Got some nappies right in the car. Right this way you handsome Lad!”