Tuesday, December 22, 2020

ROBBLOG# 865- Sounding Joy


Repeat the Sounding Joy.

Repeat the sounding Joy.
Repeat, Repeat- The Sounding Joy.
This Season we all have to look a little harder and be a little more creative when it comes to looking for Joy and repeating it.

2020 has been a stinker of a year.
Does it feel like the Holiday Season to you?
To me- sometimes yes.
Sometimes no.

I watch all the Christmas Movies I love to watch every year- except for all that Hallmark CRAP.
Especially the Hallmark CRAP that is filmed here in Canada especially British Columbia under the guise of keeping Canadian Actors employed- for the most part in secondary roles.
That's the way it's always been here.
We're second banana's to the Yankees.
Stupid really.

How can you be sure that a "Canadian Made" Christmas film is American?
Well for one thing even before you read the credits- if you stay with the film that long, all you have to do is count the number of American Flags in a scene.
They are usually everywhere.
On mantels. On streets. In town squares. Hanging from porches. Stuck on buildings.
It's the optimal hint of knowing a film is shot here under the guise of being in America. The flags are just in case a viewer or two recognize the landscape or streetscape as being quintessentially Canadian.

Personally, I always watch for facades of the "Royal Bank" or "Tim Horton's" in the background.  Green Maple Trees, flowers one usually doesn't see at Christmas, bright sunshine and actors wrapped in thick scarves when it's obviously a warm day are other signs to look for. The other night I saw a Home Hardware sign in a movie covered with another name but you could be sure it was "Home Hardware" underneath.

I don't know why the film just can't take place here, in Canada.
Maybe if it were "flagless" it could be almost anywhere- even when dubbed into German. It doesn't change the story. Still you have to be pretty hard up to sit down and waste 90 minutes on Hallmark Crap- and they're so white and straight! If they do venture into "living colour" or LGBT  storylines it's like 80's stuff. The Gay character has had a rotten, sad life even after coming out- if they've come out. The Gay character- if old enough, has suffered or knows someone who has suffered from AIDS. 

When the character does come out during Christmas dinner with their invited "friend" watching from across the table, the Mother says- "I always knew."
Dad curses, spits and says-
"Awww, go out and find yourself a girl. That'll set you right!"

Then Dear, old, Dad excuses himself from the table running to vomit in the guest bath as he imagines his son in a naked embrace with the "invited friend" sitting opposite his son.
Good old Dad. 
Thanks for your love and support.
"It was all those hugs from women when he was a kid that made him that way"- says Dad gruffly.
"He never learned to throw a ball like the other boys."
Just can't cope with sonny boy being a Fag.

I'm afraid if you want to feel the spirit this Christmas Season, you'll just have to look elsewhere to find your Joy and definitely not in a Hallmark presentation.

I Repeat.
To find your sounding "Joy" look elsewhere this Holiday Season. There is lots of Joy to to be found even though it's been a difficult year for us all. You just have to look a little harder.

Happy Holidays. Seasons Greeting. Merry Christmas.