Friday, December 11, 2020

ROBBLOG #863- Peace 2020


The last time I looked at this word PEACE was in December 2014.
Let's see what 2020 brings...

Peace. A word that in itself sounds warm and quiet. Peace. A little shush with the “c” on the end.

It's time to think about PEACE.
Peace in the Middle East. It's a never ending wish.
PEACE of Mind for the families of the two Canadians- the two Michaels, still jailed in an unforgiving country like China.
Unforgiving for whatever reason. The Canadian Government has been unable to free them and give them Peace.

Peace on Earth, Goodwill towards men. Peace doesn’t just mean being kind and thoughtful and peaceful during the holidays, it’s a word that should resonate the entire year through. Peace should be a top priority.
Take a few minutes, light a candle this season for Peace.
If any message could ever break through and catch the ear of any Supreme Being- Peace is it.
I’m still not an expert on Peace.
Is anyone?
People in government get paid for being experts on Peace but have they learned anything? Doesn't seem that there's an easy way to deal with a cold, distant, communist regime such as China or North Korea and I presume Russia too. I mean look at Hong Kong. Things were pretty good when the UK was still in "control". Now Hong Kong jails any citizen who mildly disagrees with their tyrannical regime.

I still don’t know how if this world will even get close to understanding the word “Peace”. Terrorism is out there lurking in the light of day as well as the dark of night. It makes us mindful and careful.
When we travel to other countries- who knows when that will be again, we always take extra care and are aware of our surroundings. Take last year at this time in London the Mister and I were sitting in a cozy cafe watching folks rush by on the sidewalk just outside our window table . We were waiting for our room to be ready at a hotel down the street. Soon, our phones starting buzzing. When we looked at text messages they were from home. Friends and family wondering if we were alright. If we were safe.?
We didn't know it but there had been several stabbings on London Bridge.
Terror during a time of Peace.

We need to find Peace. 

Take a few moments to reflect in a quiet spot away from the hustle and bustle.

Quiet contemplation over a hot chocolate paired with a shortbread cookie.

Take some time for quiet thoughts while watching tree lights flash and twinkle. Contemplate an ornament that you've hung on your tree for decades.

Reach out and touch a friend who may be lonely or needs some help. Reach out to a stranger and it doesn't have to be a corporation like a church out there ringing their bells as they stand close to a bin of cash. Do it yourself.
Cut out the middle person. 
Buy a coffee or a sandwich for a homeless person sitting on a street corner huddled in a blanket. You can be sure the help and thought you provide is going directly to the source.
A warm smile and a nod of the head to a passing stranger goes a long way too. At least it used to. It's much harder in these times when most of us are wearing masks. I've seen masks that say "I'm Smiling". It makes me smile.

A physically-distanced walk with a friend or loved one in the crisp evening air is a nice holiday activity. It does the spirit the world of good. It starts those endorphins moving and you'll feel one hundred percent happier and peaceful. There doesn’t have to be words on a walk, just positive thoughts.

So let's send thoughts of Peace during this Holiday Season and together just maybe someone, somewhere out there is listening.