Friday, December 18, 2020

ROBBLOG #864- Kismet for Christmas

 Kismet for Christmas.

No, it's not a substitute for Holiday Turkey- it's Kismet.
Kismet like it's meant to be.

Take for instance if you stood on a spot...
"What spot?"- you ask?
Oh, any spot, I guess but in this case it's a special spot. A Kismet spot.
"Oh I see. Tell me more."- you say.
I will.

Kismet happened to us in the past couple of years. It may have started a few years before but let's start with the most recent manifestation.

There as a certain spot on this Island that the Mister and I now call home. It's a spot where we took visiting guests. It gave guests- especially Easterners from Ontario, an idea of what our Island was like as far as topography is concerned. It never failed to impress.
How could it not?
There's a lake. Several mountains. An ocean view. Sky for days and even a view of the mainland- especially at night when the lights of Grouse Mountain flicker in the distance.
In summer it is a "hot" spot. Plenty of sunshine. Almost desert-like with yucca's and cacti and palms.
This time of year- at Christmas, it's magical. 
It may be green but it's a magical green.
You can see in the distance Grouse Mountain's ski resort lit up with the lights twinkling. THat's where the snow is.
There and up island about two hours to Courtney/Comax. It's where winter enthusiasts on the island go.

"So Kismet?"
Oh yes...well this spot where we stood time and time again is now the spot where we live. Our house is built on the very spot. We see our ocean, lake, sky views daily and even some snow on top of mountains like Mount Benson and Prevost.
It is magical and it's so unreal some days one has to pinch one's self. Like when we were kids and we ran into the living room to see piles and piles of gifts under a sparkling, green balsam. Well, that was my Christmas as a kid. I had to pinch myself.
I was spoiled. Very spoiled. My Mum and Dad went whole hog for me at Christmas when I was the only kid in the house.
Today this spot, on this Island, in this province, in this country, on this globe called earth is Kismet.

We had dreamed of getting away from Ontario winters.
To those of you still employed, retirement and your own "Kismet" may seem a long way off but it's coming.
Make plans now.
Dream and what better time to dream and make your dreams come true than the holiday season.

Kismet doesn't always work the way you want it to the first time.
It didn't for us.
We needed to make another change and we did. As human beings we can be in control of our future.
Our destiny.
Our Kismet.
Those that don't seek change are missing the train of happiness.

If you are not happy- change it.
Dolly Parton wrote a song called "Change It".
So do it.
Make this Christmas season happy.
Make it your Kismet.
Make a change now. Today. Dream and make your dreams come true.
You can do it.
I did. The Mister and I did together and believe me if we can- you can.

So jingle your bells.
Be merry.
Screw covid- it's meeting it's match in 2021 anyway.

Make plans for a happy Holiday Season and all the days ahead now.
Don't wait for the years to fly by because before you know it your desire for Kismet is just a memory.
Something to regret a few years down the road.

And Heaven and nature sing
And Heaven and nature sing...

It's time to find your glee.

Sing out.
Ring the bells.
Cheers to the season.
Here's to happiness and here's to the first day of the rest of your life.