Monday, December 7, 2020

ROBBLOG #863- Bah Humbug


Honestly, I might just as well take the bloody tree down today.

What a dull, old, sad, sappy, crispy-critter of a Christmas this is turning out to be.
I mean as I read Dickens A Christmas Carol, even good old Scrooge is having more fun than most people are this holiday season.
Bah Humbug.

Oh sure, I'm shopping- online mostly.
The Amazon drivers and Canada Post delivery people know me by my first name.
We are exchanging birthday cards next year.
They are at my door more than the Jehovah's.

The biggest problem is the joy of Christmas is being lost this season.
Covid is to blame.
Out in the stores everyone resembles a version of the Stepford wives- all masked up with only eyes showing overtop of mini-cummerbunds. I can't recognize anyone I know!
Then, if you attempt to smile at someone as you round the corner at Stupid Store or Walmart, it's lost beneath the mask. I try to smile with my eyes but it doesn't seem to be working.

Yesterday, I was standing at a freezer looking at turkeys. Two ladies stood to my right. We were all doing our best to give each other space. Not one of us had a measuring tape in our bags so we approximated the best we could. Suddenly and without warning I head a voice speaking to me-

"The turkeys are suppose to be 99 cents a pound at Thrifty's but they didn't have any. Walmart's are cheaper than these. 30 dollars for a turkey this size. It's criminal"

I looked at each lady but couldn't figure out who was speaking to me. Only their eyes were working and they gave me no hints. I said- "I think I'll check out Walmart."
No nods. No smiles. Just a pair of masks hanging there on two empty faces.
Happy Holidays...

It's the new way of the world, I guess.
Vaccines are coming according to Justin but it doesn't mean covid will be wiped out in a fortnight.
Maybe not even by this time next year.
It does take the jolliness away from Christmas though- doesn't it?

If I took our tree down the only one who'd notice would be the Mister because we can't have anyone else in the house to even see our tree if we are to follow Dr. Bonnie's edict.
That may change today.
Today, she is to tell us BC'ers what we can and cannot do this Christmas.
Can we see people in our homes?
Can more than one household get together in a restaurant?
Who knows?

(UPDATE: She told us the rules are extended to January 8th 2021. Awww Nuts!!)

Here in Beautiful British Columbia most of our cases are on the mainland in Fraser Health and the Lower Mainland- including Vancouver. On the Island as far as I know there are no cases here in the Cowichan. Our Island Health cases are in Port Alberni in the centre of the Island and also in the Saanich Peninsula.

I think Fraser and the lower mainland should have been shut weeks ago- like the Maritimes.
It would probably have prevented a lot of new cases.
There was talk about stopping ferry service but here on Vancouver Island we depend on the ferries not just as a means to get to the mainland- not that anyone wants to go. We also use the ferries as a way to get food and fuel and other supplies delivered. It's a conundrum but I'll do the right thing and follow Dr. Bonnie's advice.

Guess I'll go sit next to the Christmas Tree and hum Christmas Carols to myself as I sip my morning coffee.

Fah Lah Lah Lah Lah it's depressing.