Monday, April 27, 2020

ROBBLOG#835- Liz Can Do It

So I was watching a 2019 Spiderman Movie.

I was longing for the days when "Spidey" swung from building to building in a hot, sticky, concrete jungle. He'd swing from brownstone to skyscraper to brownstone much like a mostly naked and extremely muscular Tarzan would swing from huge vines in the lush, hot African Jungle.

Muscular is not our Spiderman.
Lithe maybe but not beefy.
How old is the kid in this version- 12?

Anyhoo, as I was watching my mind drifted. This 2019 Peter Parker was all about green screens and special effects galore and after a while it was a yawn fest- except for Jake Gyllenhall- late of Brokeback Mountain. Now there was a "action" movie. Yup, it took place on a mountain, with snow, and a tent but I don't think there were many special effects involved in that storyline.
Just a couple of manly men having a gritty go.

So, my mind drifted what with all the bad guys trying to conquer the world and Spiderman doing his best to fight back.
I thought- "What if this current Covid- 19 is a world-wide plot?"
I know there are conspiracy theories out there and they are reported on by reputable newspapers like the Sun chain but look really what if?
By the way, I haven't read one published theory so what you are about to hear is of my own making.
I know, you find that hard to believe...

Who me? Save the world you say?
...All right then!
We've all heard of "germ warfare".
Well, maybe this is the real thing.
Maybe some bad guy somewhere in the world- and there are many, got a hold of some covid-19 from a petrie dish and made a whole bunch more and started to blow it around through air vents in buildings or injecting it into animals that humans consume.
What if?
We've all read that there was a super, top secret, lab up the street where the people of Wuhan bought their groceries. Haven't we all read that this lab had covid-19? I've seen a ton of Mission Impossible movies and I know for a fact that these labs can be broken into.
I mean Tom Cruise did it all the time.

So, someone sneaks in one of these labs, grabs a few dishes and Bob's Your Uncle it become a world-wide epidemic.
People become prisoners in their own homes.
World-wide travel is shut down.
People die.
People get sick.
Countries- like Canada, close borders.
Andrew Scheer remains an asshole.
Surgical masks are in short supply as are ventilators.

Our food chain is not affected but for Gawd's Sake- people can't surf!
Men can't dribble basketballs.
Oh the inhumanity!
Theatres close.
Movies aren't made.
TV neither- except Lisa LaGlam still reports CTV News faithfully every weeknight.
Look, don't you think if there was a God, she's be nipping this in the bud PDQ?

So this covid creeps around the world infecting every country- except for maybe somewhere in deep, dark Africa, South America or our North Pole.
Yes Kids,
Santa is safe from covid and continues to make toys daily.

We are all so busy trying to physical distance that we don't take the time to blame some "monster" from a foreign country having the power to make the entire world sick and feeble, killing thousands.
It is truly like a bad movie made in the Czech Republic starring every B grade European actor you can name- well not name of course because we don't know of any.
Then, there'll be one American lead actor wrapped in the flag that no one has ever heard of or wants to hear of.

I think it's time we had a look around.
We'd better get Spiderman, Deadpool, Captain Canuk and Cesspool to get to the bottom of this because Prime Minister Trudeau and PM Boris Johnson can't do it on their own- let alone hoping Her Majesty will pull out all the stops, thrown a sparkly Crown on her royal head and start naming names.
I mean of all heads of state, we'd surly listen to her.
Well, She knows James Bond personally- She's parachuted with him for goodness sake, and She'd get to the bottom of this Pandemic.

Now, I am NOT saying that all or any of this musing is true but you've got to admit there are enough "nutters" in this world to orchestrate such a heinous plot to conquer or destroy our world.

So think about it and keep your eyes and ears open.
We stay vigilant for the True North Strong and Free
and what the hell- all of mankind.