Tuesday, April 21, 2020

ROBBLOG #834- Abbey Road

I do lead an exciting life you know...

No. I mean it.
Take today.
Our mini-schnauzer Koko jumps up on my lap- wait, it gets better than that,
she jumps up on my lap as I was sat in front of the huge monitor screen watching a "live cam" from London- England.
It gets better...

The cam was focused on the crosswalk in front of the famous Abbey Road Studios where the Beatles recorded in their final years. Unless you've been off the planet, you'll know that photo is pretty iconic.
I have been at the crossing a few times in person because it is in St. John's Wood where we stay while in London, I also keep watch from time to time through the webcam. It's fun to see tourists hold up traffic while they mimic the Fab Four's walk across the painted pavement.
Some even know of the cam's existence. They look up and make faces at the camera or call a friend on their mobile and wave when the friend brings up the "live cam" on their home computer.
I've seen people do this in Waikiki too. A webcam is bracketed on a pole just off the beach near a Honolulu Police "Beach" station. You might find that interesting if you search for it.
The things we do as tourists, eh?

Some days the London sidewalks near the crossing are absolutely packed. The nights can be busy too and even at midnight the odd tourist has a look at what once was. Like most famous spots when you're actually standing there it's hard to believe that this is the actual place you've seen in photos. The front facade of the recording studio is out of camera range but it's to the bottom right. You can see the white-washed pillars and wrought iron gate.

People scrawl "I love you Paul" or "Beatles Forever" all over the walls and every now and then they get a fresh coat of paint so the process can begin all over again.

Abbey Road is the building in the centre. The cross walk
is in the middle of the photo.
The street that exits the scene at the top left is the sidewalk that takes you to the St. John's Wood  tube station and the village of St. John's Wood. A Beatles souvenir shop is at the right of the entrance to the tube.
I have never been inside. I window shop and that's all.

St. John's Wood is a cute, well-kept, bustling village within Westminster where I could easily have a flat of my own instead of paying the Danubius Hotel's inflated rates two blocks away.
I say easy.
Easy if one had up to a million bucks to afford a flat of well under 1000 square feet.
We've looked at the photos in estate agent's windows.

As an aside, a couple of years ago as The Mister and I were waiting at a cross walk in St. John's Wood, a flying fleet of motorbikes came around the corner right past us only a few inches under our nose.
Then a black limo.
We both cried out at the same time- It's Camilla!"
It was too.
Probably going to cut a ribbon at a Sainsbury's supermarket opening.
Royals do that- don't they?

While watching the "live cam" with Koko, I noted how amazingly quiet this corner is within a covid world.

Usually, the street is busy with traffic- if not pedestrians.
You can pick out the locals.
They just walk from point A to B, cross the street and proceed to C.
Tourists are oblivious to the red double decker buses, London cabs, motorbikes, bicycles and cars that whiz through the intersection and over the cross walk- even at the late, witching hour of midnight.

When I feel the need to see London, I check out this cam.
I remember how it feels to be standing there and I know what the neighbourhood and studio facade looks like. They are out of camera view.
It's a mini-vacation for me.
Even Koko watched a noisy motorcycle rip up the street and around the corner out of sight.
A window on a small part of London.

If you want to have a look see for yourself just Google- Abbey Road Crossing Cam.
It'll be a quick trip across the pond and you don't even need a passport-
or a face mask.