Friday, April 3, 2020

ROBBLOG #829- I Felt I had To Write

I felt I had to write something.

I'm celebrating a milestone of sorts. A milestone that I didn't reach by myself.
You see thirty-five years ago on April 4th 1985, I found myself on a flight to Honolulu.
There's a lot more to the back story but after 35 years, I think I can tell it without all the crap that was happening in my life at the time.

No, suffice to say it was three decades and five years ago that I met The Mister on a flight.
A Wardair flight to Honolulu, Hawaii.
That day, sitting at an exit door in row 9 on the right-hand side of the aircraft, my fate was sealed.
I met my sole mate.
I met the one person that I was destined to spend the rest of my life with- these past 35 years in particular.

Neither of us had any idea at the time that this was going to be a long-term relationship. It seems incredibly hard to believe that it is now thirty-five years later. From a man in his early thirties I now sit at this keyboard as a Senior Citizen.
My husband is also a Senior Citizen- although a few years less senior.
No, I didn't rob the playpen.

Oh. My. Gawd.
How in the fuck did that happen?
Thirty-five years in a snap. I'm clutching my pearls!
Thinking not so much that I got old but that we've held this "love fest" together for all those years.

From that Wardair flight to our first breakfast on Waikiki Beach at the Royal Hawaiian- and not alone I might add, for we were chaperoned.
At least "chaperoned" is what I am going to call it for the purpose of this Blog.

What can I say? 35 years ago on
The Royal Hawaiian Hotel steps. Those impressive legs!
For those straight folks reading today, a Gay couple usually bases the start of the length of a relationship on the first day of their meeting.
For us that's April 4th, 1985.
We did get married- on that same date in 2006, when it became legal for us homosexuals to do what so many other couples have done for centuries.
By the way, the sky didn't fall and it still hasn't.
Society didn't fall apart and if society has a bit, it has noting to do with the Gays and the rest of the LGBTQ2+ folks.

Anyhoo, it took three months to get my ducks in a row and The Mister- who I'll call Tom from hereon in because that's his name, to get used to the idea that he was wasn't going to be living alone for the foreseeable future.
That foreseeable part is still ongoing.
I dissolved my household.
He re-arranged his.

A few years after we began to co-habit, we bought our Mississauga, Ontario house- together. We lived in that new house for five years and then decided to move north to Central Ontario- Orillia to be precise, where we bought an 1882 Victoria Home.
That lasted 25 years.
To finish off this adventure in moving, we turned our lives upside down in 2017 and moved a few thousand miles west to Vancouver Island- the Cowichan Valley- Canada's only Mediterranean climate zone, to be precise.

Here, we have been putting down new roots for the past three years.
Three years come August although our first adventure on this Island to have a look see was three years ago B.C. this past February.
That B.C does not stand for British Columbia but "before corona".

I certainly don't have time to regale you with all we've done these 35 years.
We have travelled to many countries.
We have made tons of friends.
Our parents have passed on- as have some of those friends I referred to in the line above.
We've had a plethora of pets that we miss dearly and will never forget.
Currently we have a mini-schnauzer "Koko" and an orange and white tabby- "Dickens".

At thirty-five years- and I'll speak for Tom here as well, our lives are pretty complete. We usually do what we want to do in regards to travel and buying "things".
I love buying "things" and I love being in Paris and London- not to forget Honolulu where it all began.

In fact, we would be there now, in Honolulu, celebrating this milestone of an anniversary but with this Pandemic around the world we find ourselves grounded and housebound like all Canadians.
We did go for a quick shop today and bought two dozen roses in celebration of our anniverasry that I've artfully arranged in two vases.
So, Happy 35th Anniversary to us!

For this April 4th there's-
No dinner out.
No celebrating with friends.
No Hawaiian breezes.
This year we have none of those things-

We still have the love of each other and virus or not, that's enough.