Tuesday, December 11, 2018

ROBBLOG #758- It's the Holiday Season

It's the Holiday Season!

Bells, Christmas Trees, Scrooges, Virginia asking the perennial question- (Is there a Santa?)
coffee on the Muskoka Chairs in December Island Sunshine.
You know. The normal things we all do at Christmas.
What's that you say?
You can't enjoy a coffee outside without freezing off your "bits".
You must live in Ontario or some other "wintry" province.
Okay, enough of that now.
Sorry but there are times I just can't help myself. Heh. Heh.

I saw a tweet on twitter yesterday from Arlene Dickenson. She used to be on that show that gave money to inventors. They were millionaires. The hosts not the investors.  Anyhoo, she posted this picture of an ice rink and made some comment that this is what Canadians are doing these days.
Ah...Not all Canadians I said to her in a re-tweet.
Palms and green grass on Vancouver Island.
She hasn't answered me back yet.
Probably thinks I'm an idiot. or she's never been to Vancouver Island and the Cowichan Valley.
Like I said, at times I can't help myself.


An old friend got in touch the other day.
Sister Mary Margaret by name.
Remember her? All for Nun. The Church of Little Hope. All for Nun- The 2nd Coming.

Some would say Sister Mary Margaret is a loud-mouthed Nun born in Ireland and raised in Newfoundland. What a combination!
She wanted to tell me that she's back- not on the stage yet, however, somehow she's figured out cameras lighting and sound and has posted a video- the first of many or so she claims.
You can check it out on the Double R Productions Facebook Page.
Google it.
She also says she has a twitter account at: @SisterMMargaret
It's Christmas and I did a good think telling you about this video.

Speaking of Nuns, two Nuns "borrowed" $500,000 from their Diocese recently and flew to Las Vegas to play a few slot machines. They were found out.
It will be interesting to see what happens.
How refreshing.
Two Nuns getting away for a fun weekend as opposed to the normal news about Priests diddling kiddies.
They should be lauded and applauded.
Good one ladies. I'm sure Sister MM will make a comment in a follow-up video.

Holiday plans are shaping up.
We are having a few folks dropping by to say "Happy Holidays" in the days leading up to Christmas. So far, we have no Christmas Eve or Christmas Day guests.
Not for lack of trying.
We had hoped that a person or two from back in old home would be able to come west for a Yuletide visit but that's not happening it seems.

Oh the Mister and I are not lonely by any means. In fact we know quite a lot of folks here on the Island. We even get honked at as we walk along the streets.
We always wave- even if we don't recognize the vehicle. Sometimes we only see a hand waving through lightly-tinted windshield glass.
Then, a few days later someone will say- hey that was me driving past you!
Who knew?

Well, better get onto to other things- like baking.
The Mister and I are doing a bit of Holiday Baking for our Holiday Soiree. Nothing too fancy. Just regular stuff, although he's doing his famous "Pine Tree House" Squares.

Now that says Christmas!