Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I’ve been told to be careful.
Don’t upset the “you-know-who’s” whose religion is tantamount to untouchable. They may come to my door one day and run me through, stone me or set me on fire. Just don’t write about them. They’ll be on your tail I’ve been told.
You’ll be followed and some dark night…
No! I am not talking about the Catholics or the Baptists/Born Agains- although there is a history of torture and bloodlust there to be sure. I am referring to that other bunch. They are always in the news these days. Someone is always sketching, filming, making fun of them or degrading their religion.
I swear if there is another world war, it will be between this religion and everyone else on earth. I don’t know enough details to speak of the religion except to say that they would sooner "stone ya than look at ya" unless you live in a little house on the Prairie. What disturbs me the most is the need for this sect to change our country…and that’s what’s it’s doing.
I don’t believe it’s a question of freedom of religion. It’s more a question of give us this, leave us alone or else there’ll be H E Double Hockey sticks to pay. Now their God must be in a more exalted position in the ever-after than any Christian God-like entity. I mean this God means business. He also has a stable chock-a-block full of thousands of female virgins to reward those mortal men who do his bidding.
He’s quite the collector it would seem. That’s a big bunch of virgins for any religion.
These virgins are all women type virgins- since the religion has no homosexual type folks in the flock, there's no need for Gay Virgins. Unlike the Mormons who pretend that “Gays” just don’t exist, these folllowers just flatly refuse to believe it.
 Very handy, I must say.
Too bad we just couldn’t snap our fingers and believe Hunger
Or pain,
Or poverty,
Or disease,
Or clear-cutting forests doesn’t exist.
However, they do. They all exist and it appears neither mortal man nor Religious Figurehead is working on changing any of those conditions anytime soon.
So, I am not about to name names or make snide, rude or indifferent comments about them. I stick to annoying the Hell out of the Catholics and Presbyterians- pretty much any organized religious tribe. Religion is great if it’s kept close by those who practice it. It becomes a problem greater than itself when it creeps beyond the tabernacle doors.
Jeffery Hitchens said- “If you want to make good people do evil things- you need religion.”
How true.