Wednesday, September 19, 2012


What is this world of our coming to?
The Separatists dans la belle province took the Maple Leaf Flag out of the legislature while they were sworn in the other day.
It was put back less than 24 hours later when the Liberals and that other Quebec party- the one that can’t make up its mind whether to separate nor not to separate, was sworn in.
There’s any easy fix to that.
Take their money- the bills with the Prime Ministers and Queen on the one side, along with their Federal Grants and anything else they get from Ottawa away- pronto and see the smile dissipate from their smug French faces. That woman- I hesitate to use bitch but it was a thought, who leads the rabble-rousers should be placed in a time capsule.
Don’t open ‘till Christmas 2050. I sure don’t want someone like her in my country- English, French of otherwise.
I see her picture and I instantly want to draw a moustache above her lip.
Hmmm. Probably one there already.
Hey, there’s even more pictures of The Future King’s “Little woman” showing off her nipples and boobies.
No. I don’t want to look!
You can’t make me!
However, if William’s private member was swaying in the tropical breeze- unfurled and unrestrained, I’d take a gander at it.
Maybe a long gander.
He is quite tall so if it’s true that “things” are in proportion, it might just be ever so satisfactory.
Shows you the media is mostly men and straight, doesn’t it?
I mean would a lady want to splash a Royal’s Boobs across the Net or on the front pages of a less than classy magazine?
No sir.
It’s a man. A straight man that did that.
I’ll bet there are a lot of straight men who typed the words “Kate’s Tits” into a Google search this week.
I suspect William’s Weenie would take a back seat even if it were being flopped about in public. Still, I’d stand in line to have a quick boo. Not often you get to see a royal one-eyed monster. Hasn’t happened yet. If there was such a photo we would learn a quick lesson.
The lesson we would learn is this:
Female tits trump a Royal Sausage.
That’s a shame because I’d like to see it.
Wouldn’t you?
I might even like to touch it.
But like the Van Gough’s hanging in the Musee d’Orsay, it is off-limits!
Hands free!
We almost saw Harry’s- didn’t we.
Not that I cared. Those pictures of Prince Harry’s lily-white ass and the frontal shots of him cupping his man-boys and penis were laughable at best. However, the pictures that have surfaced showing British Army fellas standing in the nude lifting their dicks up and cupping them in their hands were much more amusing and titillating.
Maybe more “cock-sure” than titillating, now that I think of it.
What is the connection here between these two stories you ask?
Quite simple.
You’ll find boobs here in Canada as well as on some tropical Island being visited by Royals.
Over to you Dick…