Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Here we go again.
Religion trumping common sense.
It would seem some Conservative Christian and Muslim parents are telling Ontario schools they need to know when big, bad Homosexuality, birth control, evolution and “environmental worship” is being discussed in classrooms.
Environmental Worship? That’s a new one for me.
Not to mention, why are right wing conservative Christians sharing a lollipop with Muslims? The sky is falling the sky is falling as Chicken Little would say.
Yes, these parents want to pull the wool over their kid’s eyes when the truth or the real world rears its ugly non-Christian head in the classroom. The real world contradicts traditional, thousand year-old beliefs.
There’s a reason for that.
Beliefs founded on limited knowledge of the world from two thousand plus years ago are just that- limited.
It’s just a fantasy that worked at the time.
Jesus doesn’t work today.
Oh, the stained glass is nice.
It’s art. It's culture.
Many religious structures are historic.
That’s good.
It helps us remember times past but it’s a fantasy if you actually belief Christ and his Daddy are up there in Heaven listening to your prayers.
Help me pass my test.
Get me a new car.
Make people like me.
Cure my cancer.
These groups wants conservation tied in with God- their creator.
I can see my recycle bin now- “I recycle for Jesus!”
They want the “real world” to be hidden from their kids. They want to steer them in the right direction before the kids can see it all for themselves.
They have to be carefully taught.
It’s God’s Holy ordinance.
Ignorance, hate, differences.
That’s what religion does.
It separates.
Separates friends and family.
The world.
I’m hoping the Ontario Educational System hangs tight on this one. I wonder, if a child is asked to draw “family” and he or she draws two Mums or two Dads, is this accepted?
I am sure it is.
However, in a Catholic School the child may be ridiculed for upsetting the Catholic apple cart-
“No little Johnny, God doesn’t like two men and two ladies together. Now draw a penis on that one and boobs on this one and we’ll call it a day!”
Grownups in the real world know their religion is hanging by a thread. Common sense is trumping a nice story from a couple of thousand years ago. In another generation it’ll be gone the way of the Edsel.