Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I can't help it. I love writing little stories about Betsy, Lilloweth and Helen- all living in Farmer Frank's cozy barn. This is Out in The Barn Part Four. Oh yes, this is Rob Blog #250!

Out in the Barn Part IV- Spring has Sprung.

“Betsy! Lilloweth! Come here girls. Quickly!”
It was Helen calling from the barn door near her House Stall- number twenty-two.
“It’s here! It’s finally here!”

“What is that girl hollering about now?”-cried Lilloweth as she shut off her radio, right in the middle of a Michael Buble song.

“Goodness only knows!” says Betsy as she stopped dusting and peered out of her House Stall a hundred feet or so down the way. “We’d better go. Maybe Helen’s seen a ghost.” She put her dusting rag down and moved out of her stall and ambled up the way, towards Helen, as fast as her hooves could carry her.
Lilloweth caught up to her- “My Dear, you don’t think Farmer Frank is out there in a tightly-whitey tee shirt do you?” They giggled as they walked.

“Oh, I hardly think so. This is something else. I can tell from Helen’s voice.”

Helen stood at the barn door. She was in a state of excitement all right- but it wasn’t Farmer Frank. Lilloweth and Betsy flanked her on each side.

“What is it Dear?”- asked Lilloweth, slightly out of breath.

“We thought you saw a ghost or something!” Helen smiled broadly as she moved her girth into position next to Helen.

“Girls! It’s here. Now look. Do this.” Helen took a monstrously deep bovine breath. “Can’t you just smell it?” Betsy and Lilloweth did as Helen asked. No wonder she was so excited. It was the breath of spring. Finally.

“Oh Helen! It’s spring!” Betsy clicked her front hooves together in her excitement.

“Oh, I’ll bet the hyacinths are blooming next to the big boulder down by the pond. Let’s go have a look see!” Lilloweth had squeezed her way between Helen and the door frame and stood in the brilliant morning sunshine. “Oh, My Goodness. I simply adore spring. I think I’ll slip into that new French collar. The pink one with the sequins!”

“I’m going to wear my new silver bell that Farmer Frank gave me back at Christmas!” Helen was a bitch for jewellery. The girls knew that and they loved her for her taste and style.

“I think I’ll wear my new straw sunhat!”-cried Betsy.

Helen turned and looked at her. “You mean the one with the big yellow rose in the centre of the headband?”

“Yes! The very one. I’ll be right back.” Betsy headed back to her House Stall closely followed by Lilloweth.

“I think I’ll take my camera along.” Lilloweth was a hobby photographer in her spare time. When she wasn’t listening to her favourite radio programmes.

“I’ll meet you gals outside in just a tad.”- Helen called to them. “I have to put a new ribbon on my bell, then, I’ll be right with you!” She disappeared into her House Stall- number twenty-two. In a few minutes the three friends stood outside in the brilliant spring sunshine.

“Take a good, full breath of this fresh air!” Lilloweth raised her nose high.

“It’s simply wonderful!”- cried Helen.

“Yes. Just peachy-keen!”- Betsy added.

Helen stepped towards the barnyard gate and motioned to the girls with her tail- “Come on Ladies. Let’s take a stroll.”

“Your bonnet is spectacular”- said Lilloweth as she snapped a photo or two.

“Thanks Lilly. I think so too!”

“And Helen! That bell is stunning. Just stunning. It’s so you, girlfriend”. Lilloweth was sincere. “Lift your head up a bit and point to the bell Dear!” She snapped another photo.
As she did, Betsy looked across the field and said- “Girls! The trees by the pond already have leaves. How did that happen and so quickly?”

“It must have been the rain!”- Helen interrupted. “That gentle spring rain yesterday- along with the warm spring temperatures, must have made them pop!”

“Gosh Helen! You’re terribly smart!”- Lilloweth was smiling as she looked over to Helen.

“Oh, it’s just something I picked up when reading Chatelaine and the National Post.”

“Well you are just so brilliant.”-Betsy continued. “Let’s show the girls from Mr. Brown’s Farm our new stuff and then graze down by the pond.”

“It’s just a positively lovely idea.”-said Helen.

“See!”- Lilloweth held up a basket, “I even took the liberty of packing a snack. I brought my transistor radio so we’ll have music too!” Lilloweth was proud of what she had done.

“You know Ladies, this first day of spring is one I’ll not soon forget. How did I get so lucky to have friends like you?”

“Kismet.”- said Helen.

“Kismet?” Lilloweth asked? “Is that something you read in one of your magazines?”

Helen replied with a broad smile- “No Dear. Kismet is something I learned from watching a movie.”

The Girls felt “tres gay” as they trotted off, towards the ladies from Brown’s Farm, who were lolly-gagging by Mr. Brown’s Driftwood fence. Even the sound of Helen’s bell seemed Gay!

It was going to be the most remarkable spring day- ever!