Thursday, August 12, 2010


Have you tried driving from Orillia North to Orillia South recently? In a calm manner?

Is there any street where there’s not some form of construction? A few days ago I detoured into the West End to bypass the construction and traffic. I turned down Patrick past Victoria Park. Along Mississaga Street heading East. Right onto Wyandotte Street. Along Wyandotte to Barrie Road- and there I came to a stop! A crane was lifting huge steel beams from off a transport truck onto the construction site of a new apartment complex. Cars were lined up in every direction- side streets included.

Later, I needed to get back to the north side of Mississaga. I pushed the “imaginary” lift off button on the Swissshmobile’s dash- but nothing happened.
There was no lift off.
I was still street-bound. I clutched the Swisssmobile’s steering wheel, pressed firmly on the gas and I was off- slowly.

I took a chance that the construction zone at Colborne and the condition of the road, was passable.
It was.
I slipped by City Centre along Andrews Street South and across Colborne. Then, along beside the Library construction site at Mississaga Street West and Andrew, along Mary to Albert Street North. I had white knuckles by the time I arrived at my Chiropractor’s.
No wonder my blood pressure was a tad high!

I am already thinking about tomorrow’s route. I need to get to Memorial Avenue- somehow.
I need to be calm. I need to get good test results. It’s a test I can’t study for.
I’m having my blood pressure checked again, this time by my family physician. The same tests I failed two weeks ago- 4 times out of a possible 5!
If I fail- there’s the chance that I have a little medical condition called “High Blood Pressure” or Hypertension.

I’ve been reading up on it- just in case. Of course with high blood pressure there’s a concern regarding heart disease. Isn’t High Blood Press the “silent killer” because it just lurks around and isn’t detected unless you pressure is checked?

I read that Hypertension is one of the main risk factors for heart disease, stroke, and kidney failure. In Canada, it has been estimated that 20% of men and 19% of women have high blood pressure. Many are not aware of the problem. Of those who are, less than one-third receive adequate treatment to control their blood pressure.

So, on that happy note: Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death worldwide, and people who have abnormally high pressure in their arteries are far more likely than others to die prematurely of heart disease.

And I was worried about construction…

UPDATE: What me worry? Three tests. Passed them all with flying colours- or at least reasonable numbers. The top Number was 141 on Wednesday. 149 two weeks ago. Now today it's 121.
Dunno. But I'll still keep an eye on it and have the Blood Pressure checked once a month.