Friday, July 5, 2019

ROBBLOG #788- A Cousin Gone Before Me

I had a short conversation with my Cousin Judy tonight.

Well, she did most of the talking. Judy passed from this earth last September but occasionally when the lines of communication are wide open, she comes through loud and clear and just starts talking.
I was eating pizza and enjoying a hot cuppa when the most recent conversation occurred.
I guess she felt she had my undivided attention as I dined on hot pizza pie straight from the oven.

"It's nice here- but different"- she began.
She laughed as only my cousin could laugh.
I could see she was sitting down and I was looking at her from her left side.
Her hair was a light brown and not the grey/white I had become familiar with in the past years of her earthly existence. It seemed to be thicker, healthier too.
I guess death can do that to a person or at the least the next phase of this life. The phase not on this earthly go-round you and I inhabit.

Judy had something in her lap and her hands were busy as she talked.
I think it looked like knitting. It was colourful.
I don't even remember if she knitted in this life actually.
Maybe she was separating bits and pieces of cloth. It came and went so fast it was hard to tell.

She continued:- "Things mean different here. You'll like it but don't rush to get here!"
She laughs her Judy laugh once again.

"Things mean different here" were her exact words. I don't know what that's about but I guess one day I'll find out first hand.

I miss Judy's earthly presence and at times I still find it hard to believe she left us after Labour Day a short year ago. At least she appears healthy and she's not suffering from all the medical conditions that plagued her final years.

She never got to see our new Island home but only the week before we were planning her coming to the Island for a month of two.
Of course, that was never to happen.
Tom and I were on the Queen of Cowichan, the ferry to Horseshoe Bay from Departure Bay when we started planning what we'd do when she came out west. Her niece- my cousin Karen, would come too.We couldn't wait to show her our new Island Home. It had been so hard to leave Judy behind in Orillia. I had feared we wouldn't see her again and that fear materialized.

It's funny how I hear departed voices from time to time. It's never at my choosing. It's always at their choosing. I am usually busy doing something- like brushing my teeth, when it happens. I hear a familiar voice speaking to me and not always in full, complete sentences.
Sometimes just snippets.
Sometimes, a few words with a picture thrown in.
Sometimes I am being told or shown something that I just don't understand.
Sometimes- a few days later, it makes sense.

You have to realize they don't communicate the way we do.
They used to do of course but on the new plane of existence it's a step back when they try to talk to us. As time and space go along, it becomes harder and almost impossible to communicate.
I believe that's where the pictures come in.
It's just easier for them to try and show me something.
The hard part is when I have to guess and I can't.

I do my best.
I feel comforted and at the very least happy that I am open to receive such messages from right here about six inches from where where are now.

Don't ask.
Someone on the next plane told me that years ago and I don't really understand it any more that I expect you too but six inches appears to be of some importance to them.

So Jude, it was nice.
It was brief.
I could feel the love and I could hear you laugh.

That was enough.