Friday, April 27, 2018

ROBBLOG #716 Arbutus Ridge to the Chinese Cemetery

Some of my best blog ideas come to me when I am in the shower.

I dunno why...
In fact, I solve many problems whilst shampooing my hair or scrubbing my face with the same facial scrub Jennifer Aniston uses. You know, the one that makes her look like she's 25 again or at the very least airbrushed to hell! In fact- and I may have shared this before, many people mistake me for Jennifer. It must be our bone structure.

So, yesterday when I was showering, getting all squeaky clean, two really good blog ideas popped into my head. I used to take a notebook into the shower with me but I hated trying to peel apart soggy pages in an attempt to read the notes within.
These days if I can't write it down within a few minutes, the ideas pop right out of my head as fast as I get them. I have been trying to bring the ideas back but they are gone forever.
In today's shower I drew a blank, so here are a few mostly unrelated facts that spring to mind.

Gas is careening skyward here on Vancouver Island. It's at 148.9 today. That means it costs upwards to 90 plus dollars to fill up the Grand Caravan. Rumours and threats say it will climb to two bucks a litre for the summer vacation period. I guess some oil company executive wants to purchase a new, multi-million dollar home.

Arbutus Ridge Ocean View
The Mister and I drove to Arbutus Ridge the other day. This is a gated, 55+ community I had looked at several times online before he bought a bit further up island here in Duncan. We couldn't drive onto the development simply because the guard in the gatehouse would say "no way Jose" if we tried and we don't know anyone living there- yet.
It sure is pretty though both in real estate terms- pretty expensive, as well as landscaping- absolutely gorgeous. We did cut through the centre where the road took us. A beautiful golf course crosses the property and some homeowners live right on the Pacific Ocean on Marine Drive. You can see photos online. Just Google "Arbutus Ridge" Vancouver Island.

We have gone plant crazy here on the Island! We are trying many new plants which would have been foreign to us in "old home". Lovely comments are coming our way every day from residents and folks just strolling through Stonewood Village. We know we are on the right track for our landscaping and gardening. Now, we need to be patient and let things simmer and grow. It would also be nice to allow our bank account to grow again- as well as the plants and flowers in our Island Garden.

The weather has been spectacular this past week. Many days in the upper 20's celsius and the sun is bloody hot. Flowers are popping open and the grass is growing like crazy which means more mowing for Tom. He complains but still he loves it! Don't get me started on his affection for the hose and watering. I could write a book.

A few evenings ago we biked along the Trans Canada Trail that runs along the rear of our property. A few kilometres away we came to the Chinese Cemetery. Our friend Tina was along for the ride and all three of us headed up the hill to the cemetery's front gate. We got off our bikes- showing respect, and walked them up the hill towards the graves. The last grave was dug in 1968. The occupants- all male, came from the same Chinese province and worked for the local sawmill in various jobs from labourer to teacher. Canadian law forbade these men to marry. I don't know why. Possibly the same idiot that set up Residential Schools insisted on this rule. Hmmm. Could that be some man from organized religion?
Gate to Cemetery. Red Letters on black board announce 'Chinese Cemetery'
The Sawmill owner donated the land for the cemetery. It is still looked after and recently laid bouquets on our visit were drying in the sun next to stones featuring Chinese lettering. The view to the mountains and the setting sun was awe-inspiring. What a beautiful spot to be laid to rest after a hard life of labour and displacement from one's country of birth.
It was quiet, peaceful and we were respectful of the departed.
It was a lovely moment remembering these hard-working men who helped built this Island and this country of Canada.

We are always finding something new on this Island of ours and who knows, maybe I'll remember what I wanted to write originally and it will spawn a "new" blog.
Wonders may never cease...