Friday, March 16, 2018

ROBBLOG #707 Springtime on The Island

Springtime on the Island!
We're about 3 weeks behind weather-wise, all because of that arctic cold front that hit us back in February.
The birds are singing.
The grass is green- it has been all winter.
The frogs started croaking a couple of nights ago
and leaves and flowers are busting out all over.

The sky was such a brilliant blue this morning and there was not a cloud to be seen as I sat in my yellow Muskoka Chair sipping on a Pride of Arabia coffee.
This is retirement at its best!
The sun is much warmer and the daylight is much longer this time of the year. Not only are the swallows returning to Capistrano, the Snowbirds are planning their return trip back to Canada!
Some have a couple of weeks yet while others are making their way back home sooner.

Looking East on the south side of Palm Villa
Here on the island life goes on.
The palms are swaying in the springtime breezes and everyone is talking about their gardens. Bikes are everywhere and people are walking along trails and through neighbourhoods.
Everybody is a "Chatty Kathy".
If you ever move to the Island be prepared to talk- a lot.
Everyone from supermarket checkout lines to gas bars, shops, restaurants and downtown sidewalks are talkative.
You meet new friends.
Hear the Island gossip.
You find your way.
It's how we do it on the Island.

It feels right.

As I said a few Blogs back, I have let "old home" go.
I am focusing my days on my new "Home" here in the Cowichan. I haven't read a local paper online from back in Ontario for several weeks. I still look at the Toronto Star every day but I let my eyes skip over the stuff about that asshole running for the opposition or that orange ball of fluff south of the border- both cut from the same Conservative, right-wing cloth.
People! People! People!
How could you let this happen in Ontario and what is the opposition leader's platform?
Get rid of Kathleen Wynne?
Some platform.
Maybe if they all started working together instead of craving power, government could actually accomplish something.
I digress.
I live in British Columbia now where we don't even have a provincial Tory party!

These days on our Island, the Mister and I are shopping for a hard top Gazebo for our back yard. A red chair to match our outdoor red bench that once sat on our front Verandah back in Orillia. The bench sits on the south side of Palm Villa just above our rock garden.
I have been getting favourable reviews from neighbours concerning its placement.
I'm also looking for a sun face to hang in the peak of our roof overlooking the back yard.
I sure wish I hadn't left the sun face I had on our outdoor garden shed back home. The first buyers of Pine Tree House didn't deserve that kindness but that's another story that I am NOT discussing here on this Blog.

Oh and plants...
We have to stop by Dinter's Nursery once again to pick up a couple of plants for our garden along the north side of the drive. By the way, none of these tasks is considered a chore.
We are both loving it the Mister and I.

That's just Island Life!