Tuesday, March 13, 2018

ROBBLOG #706- Coming 'Round the Mountain

I've been singing- "She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain When She Comes".
The Mister and I took a bike ride from our house- Palm Villa, to the base of
Mount Prevost (Pree-voh) last weekend. It was a brilliant sunny day and good for a ride along the Trans Canada Trail to Johnston Street, then along Somenos Road to Mount Prevost Road. A bald eagle harkened our arrival at Mount Prevost road, sitting on a sturdy branch at the top of a Sequoia Tree. It was a brilliant sight. The bird's ultra-white head glowing in the bright, spring sunshine searching for prey I would bet.
At the end of the road, there was Prevost up close and personal. There is a further road to the summit but it would be hell pumping up on a bike. So, we stood surveying the mountain base and the area around us. Birds were chirping away. There were tulips and spring plants in a front garden at a two- storey, white house- facing us, next to the road. On the other side- at our backs, a small unkept house- maybe originally a trailer, with at least seven rusting vehicles- both cars and trucks, sitting in the yard.
The home and property both messy.
Uncared for.
A junkyard.
Unfortunately, we see this a lot in the Cowichan. A beautiful backdrop of nature marred by an unsightly property with garbage strung about, a selection of old vehicles and usually a string of Christmas lights hanging sloppily across the front of the house that have obviously been there for years.
What happened to caring for the environment?
Our Mother Earth.
A beautiful Island landscape turned into a dump and I will say it- usually a First Nations family.
I do not know and I do not understand.
When I ask fellow islanders they say-
"It is what it is...".
It is sad. That's what it is.
This can happen in a well-kept neighbourhood too. House upon house of nice yards and green gardens and then on a corner a broken down hovel with old coke cartons shoved in broken windows and a bathtub or old chesterfield flung in the yard.
There we were standing looking up at this tree-lined mountain. I wanted to see more so I suggested we return home on our bikes and come back with the van to make the climb.
So, we did.
The road was paved at first and then turned into a logging road- quite passable but still a logging road. It was a tight squeeze when a vehicle came down the mountain and going up we had limited space to pull over on our right. It would be several kms to the top.
As we rounded a corner, the landscape changed from green to white.
Snow on the road.
Icy patches made it slippery but we continued- slowly. The cairn was at the top and the signs directed us as we drove closer and closer to the summit.
The Pacific through the Trees
We were marvelling at the views and the woods. Then, A final turn to our right.
More snow.
A steep slope.
An end to our journey.
The van's wheels started to spin and we were stuck half way up a steep grade.
I had to back down, turn around and head down the mountain.
We couldn't imagine getting stuck and having a tow truck answer our call at 630 in the evening.
We did have a good cell phone signal however, even that far up.
The Island Highway in the foreground and the Islands
So we drove the five kms or so back down Mount Prevost and took a couple of photos along the way.
We'll try it again in a few months when the temperatures are warmer still and the snow is gone.
We Love this Island paradise.