Saturday, January 27, 2018

ROBBLOG #692 W E E K E N D Edition Harrasment Rumours

Wow! More witch hunts or should I say "Warlock" hunts.

With this whole harassment issue I sure hope the harasser gets his time in the court of public opinion- or otherwise, to prove his innocence- if there is innocence to prove. The time frame of these actions are astounding. It took 10 years and more for many of the accusers to step forward. Sad to say that victims feel they can't speak out sooner and should speak out sooner even with a swift slap across the face or a firm foot into the "man bits"!

In the case of Patrick Brown Leader of the opposition in Ontario, I had heard these sexual rumours several years ago. This was when Mr. Brown first attempted running in Orillia's Simcoe North.
He should have been ousted then.
Garfield Dunlop just rolled over and played dead and Brown took over the seat.
For Simcoe North Conservative voters - "any port in a storm" or as a friend said "any monkey in any circus would do" just as long as the candidate is Conservative and a few steps to the good old right.
The right that removes rights or can't be bothered to give rights in the first place.

I had heard about his bar escapades and young women. To be sure, there were even stories out there that he swung both ways on the garden gate.
Good Gawd- we "Gays" don't want him!!

I even met Mr. Brown when I worked at a Barrie, Ontario radio station. I remember standing next to a female staff member when Mr. Brown stood in the centre of the news room. She leaned into me and said- "Ewwww!"
I concurred.

My dislike was for the man who "flip-flopped". He voted against Gay Marriage when it was already law. Remember Harper- being a "good Christian Prime Minister", allowed his flock to vote on "Gay Marriage" in Parliament- again!
Brown towed the line as did still current Simcoe North Federal MP Bruce Stanton. Thank Goodness it failed. I was already married to The Mister by then!
Of course when it meant getting more votes Ontario-wide, all of a sudden Mr. Brown flipped-flopped provincially and now, today, he holds Gays and Lesbians to his breast patting our collective backs-
"there, there. Uncle Patrick loves you now. There, there..."
He flip-flopped again on Kate's Sex-Ed book.
~heavy sigh~
I feel sorry for his family and friends. They get hurt in these escapades too as well as the young women who finally and bravely came forward. The Ontario Provincial election is in June and nothing derails a politician like a good old sexual harassment charge.
On the same day this week, another Conservative Politician in the Maritimes stepped down after sexual harassment charges were levied. Even Justin- our PM had to take an Honourable Member down when this member referred to a fellow worker as "yummy". Even a feckin' Liberal doesn't understand this shite is just wrong?
Sad to say-there will be more. This is the tip of the iceberg.
Change has to happen and it will but women have been spat upon, kicked around, kept in place and lusted after for too many years- centuries even.

I could point to an organization like the Catholic Church today that still believes only men can alone minister to the minions or the movie and TV industries and their "casting couch" mentality. Cripes, when I was a terrestrial broadcaster starting out in 1972, it was a man's world. Women were in the front office at radio stations and maybe did the traffic logs (placing commercials in the run) or wrote the creative. The first "on-air gal" I worked with was Sharon Edwards. She was great on-air.
Boy, we used to laugh in production doing commercials. Tears running down our cheeks kind of laughter. I have lost track of Sharon over the years but I hope she is till out there doing her radio thing. She was a bunch of fun and was totally "safe" with me being a Gay Man but I bet she had a difficult time crawling up the "lady ladder".
I'd like to talk to her about all that stuff today while sitting next to her sipping on a latte in a darling little café.

Many years ago my Dad sat next to me- on my "darling" little single bed- and said these words of wisdom-
"keep your pecker in your pants."

Enough now.