Friday, January 19, 2018

ROBBLOG #690 W E E K E N D Edition: From Brigitte to Boxwood

Brigitte Bardot says she took it as a great compliment and found it charming when someone commented on her "nice little ass".

Well, don't we all.

A "girl" likes to hear a nice compliment from an attractive gentlemen now and then. It support's one's self-esteem, lets one know that one is not dead yet and makes one feel a little "dirty".

This harassment stuff.
I mean the Hollywood and TV stuff. Isn't it old news?
Haven't dirty old men- both straight and Gay, learned their collective lessons?

Why Brigitte even goes so far as to say these actresses are doing it to keep their names in the newspapers or to keep people talking about them. Maybe the former French "Babe" should think online- although the "rags" are still at the grocery store check outs.

Catherine Deneuve- also a French "Pussycat" said “insistent or clumsy hitting-on is not a crime.”
Re-think that Girlfriend!
The last thing I want is a clumsy hand on my ass or a clumsy pick-up line such as "Do you come here often?"
Whatever happened to- "Can I get you a Sprite?"
Best pickup line I ever heard and The Mister and I have lasted almost 33 years!

I daresay, these days I am a little hesitant about shooting anyone a compliment- man or woman. I mean, if I met Mr. Hugh Jackman- which I have,  I would want to say- Nice chest, nice ass, nice biceps, nice smile and nice man. Can I cop a feel?
Okay...maybe I wouldn't say "cop a feel" but the suggestion would be there and for Gawd's sake what would it hurt for "Huge" to allow me a little dirty pleasure- if I asked his "wife" first of course.

It's another mess that social media has gotten us into although there are a lot of creeps out there carrying the "creep banner".


Here we are getting close to the end of January.
Usually, I would say wicked, wicked, January but being on the Island this year- and for many years to come, I have to soften my comments. It's been very nice- and mild. This past week we had three days over 10C- one at 14C, with sunshine too.
Yes, I wore shorts as did many folks.

The landscapers were busily working up and down our street. This week they planted my English Laurel- a beautiful green and brilliant yellow bush. A Weeping Sequoia we bought- which hovered skyward at almost 8 feet, was dug into a side garden as well as an Oregon Grape- just starting to bloom with brilliant yellow buds. A boxwood that has been sitting in a big plastic pot for more than a month was tucked in next to the front right corner of our garage. To keep it company, a Mexican Orange Blossom was planted a few feet away. This plant has white, aromatic flowers and blooms from the spring into the summer. I am told it is intoxicating.
I can hardly wait! Folks, this is January on the Island!
At Dinter's Garden Centre this week I saw a plant that at first looked like Forsythia. I took a peek at the tag and it said "Jasmine".
It was gorgeous!
The Pacific Ocean
I must apologise to Ontario friends.
I am trying not to "brag and boast" about Vancouver Island Weather. It is not perfect but for goodness sakes, it's not -34C either with snowbanks reaching for the rooftop. I mean the grass is green here in Duncan.
That's enough of that. I don't want you Easterners to cry in your hot stew.