Monday, November 3, 2014


Ugh! Spring cleaning in the fall.

I wrote a note on a piece of paper the other day.
It said- "Clean Closet".
I placed the note scrawled in black Sharpie ink on the keyboard of the office computer so all could read it- especially my husband.
Sunday was earmarked as the day to get to the job at hand done.

I have been nagging for a couple of years now- maybe longer, trying to light a fire under my hubby Tom's ass. The closet in question is right at our front door. There was so much "stuff" crammed in there one couldn't offer a guest space to hang a coat. Papers were pied high with winter coats stuffed into one corner. Woven rag rugs, pillows, photo albums and a collection of LP's on the shelf above the coat rack. Standing in the middle of the closet was a four drawer metal filing cabinet- more than 30 years old, filled to the brim with old papers, photo envelopes  and outdated computer programmes. In fact, next to the filing cabinet there was a blue plastic container on the floor with even more computer programmes and discs including a photo editor, family history maker as well as various plugs and wires that we had no idea what they belonged to. We probably didn't have  any of the devices anymore but we had the plugs made them work!

So, with coffee in hand, we set to work.

After 4 hours of work, the result was a half dozen bags stuffed with papers for recycle. Another stack of papers to be shredded. A huge bag filled with the aforementioned rugs and coats- not all of them, set to go to Goodwill. We moved the filing cabinet into the garage where we filed important papers (Tom's words) and recent tax forms dating back to 2009.

Last week I saw heavy cardboard storage boxes at the dollar store, so I ran over and picked up two. After a half hour of trying to understand the sketches on the side of the box- instructions as to how to make the box, I placed them on the shelf. They fit nicely and will hold small photo albums and such.

Summer footwear like flip-flops, sandals and running shoes are sitting neatly on the floor right now but I plan to store them in a plastic container to keep the floor area neat and tidy.

Overall, a job well done. One could actually hang a coat in the closet without any fuss and now I won't be embarrassed when I open the closet in front of a friend- although that seldom happened.

Next up in my "spring into fall" cleaning programme, I plan to go through the Christmas decorations and take trinkets I no longer use or want to Goodwill. We also have some old electronics to drop off at the recycle container up at Foodland- including our microwave that went "flop bott" reently and then I'll tackle shelves in the garage- as long as the temperature is above freezing.

This purging of stuff  is good for the soul but there are lessons to be learned.
If you're not using something get rid of it. Pass it on.
Quit hording papers.
A door does not hide a closet monster. He still lurks inside, in the dark.

So, start small.
Tackle a junk drawer first then move on to a closet.
After that, you'll be well trained to give the basement or garage a good purge.

Have a good one and reward yourself with a martini or at the very least a self pat on the back when you're done!