Wednesday, October 22, 2014


This was the week that was!

I am sure I am being tested.
No, not like a driver's test or spelling test or anything like that, I mean tested by a higher authority.
I don't mean by Jesus but the universe.
I hear you born-agains saying- "It's the devil that dun got dat boy by the short and curlies!"
It does bring back memories of the 80's though- being grabbed by the short and curlies I mean, however, that's another story.

No, it all started a week ago. I put my back out. I'd like to tell you I was doing some "manly" thing like lifting weights or chopping firewood or something of that nature but all I was doing was pulling a couple of yellowing Hosta leaves and throwing them in a yard bag.
I just couldn't get up. I couldn't stand at first.
I did manage to get to my feet and crawled up the front verandah steps to the wicker lounge.
I was hoping things would right themselves but they didn't and I was at the chiropractor a couple of hours later.

Today, I just completed  treatment number five- and there's more to come.
At least I can walk upright now- like an ape!
Anybody got a banana?

"I didn't do it. Honest! I was shampooing my beard. Couldn't have been me!"

Then, a few days ago, I had to go back to the eye Doctor. It's a follow up appointment to one I had six weeks ago. There was the possibility that my retina was detaching. I was seeing flashes of light from my left eye as well as having to look through what seemed to be a cloud- at least through part of my left eye. Now, I am told that the retina is still in place.
That's the good news.
Still, I need to be careful and look for the signs of trouble and in the meantime- meaning the rest of my life, that "cloud" will be there. My brain will eventually tell my eye that it's not "really there" and life goes on.
I love being over 60!

Lastly, our Schnauzer- Missy, had to have a lump removed from her lower jaw this week. It came off "clean" according to our vet- Dr. Choles- but we are waiting for the report that tells us it's all clear- or malignant.

So like I said, this was the week that was...
I'd mention that we're having our verandah repaired, there's an estimate is being done for a new furnace and we've accepted an estimate to have corrosive bits fixed on our van in December but that would just get too depressing!

Over and out!