Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I don't know what made me cry more...

That Grandmother in British Columbia who was losing herself to dementia and ended her own life in a peaceful, loving, serene way or that young reporter- beheaded by a terrorist, who quite possibly is a British Citizen gone awry.

Both stories are sad.
Perhaps even shocking to most.

Life really is wonderful-
most days.
Sure, we all have bad days when we long for something better like peace and tranquility.
However, at times peace and tranquility remain out of reach, like they are on another planet. Still, we have to make the best of what we have.

I completely understand that Mother/Grandmother's actions. Rotten, unforgiving dementia was snatching her away from those that love her. She had some happy, final, heart-wrenching times with them all and then earlier this week decided she was through.

Years of dependency in a care home loomed large.
Memory loss.
Soon she wouldn't be able to read a book.
Watch TV.
Take a walk.
It was time for her.
She passed in the outdoors in a space she loved.
I'll bet the angels swooped down and carried her away to a safe place.

Then, that reporter who was filmed before and during his execution by those fighting for what they believe is the right way.
The executioner- who had his face and body covered in black clothing, leaving just a pair of deranged, insane eyes peering out through a slit in the facial covering- could be of U.K birth.
Someone born in the U.K. turning their mind inside out and following this bunch of religious-based fanatics.
Religion based?
You bet your sweet ass.
My thoughts go to his family. They just wanted him home.

As we go about our daily ways, people are being enslaved, blown up, beheaded, stoned, murdered, stabbed and savagely beaten and killed. It's hard to fathom that these horrors happens in our world as we stand in line for our large Tim's- with milk.

I think about it at times.
We enjoy a nice sunny day.
Take a bike ride.
A walk.
Go shopping or spend an evening with friends, yet a few hours flight time away it's an entirely different world with different rules, different beliefs and no sense of just how wonderful life can be.

Then, I think about some of the folks I see every day in Orillia who don't take advantage of what is right on their doorstep. They would rather live in a world of drugs, booze, welfare, fights, welfare, dirty living conditions, handouts, welfare and disrespect.

One doesn't have to go far from Orillia's downtown to see it.
Experience it.
It's all there.

So, the joy of living happily in this world is not for every human on earth but is for those of us who see, understand and appreciate what this world has to offer.

I may start to cry...again.