Tuesday, August 5, 2014


I have never been a Nun before...

Until now.
I am not even sure how it happened.
A week ago I go down to the OCC to help Mary Lou and Jo Anne usher and carry on front of house duties.
I decide to take a nun costume along with me- just for the fun of it.
The Garage Door Players have 5 of them. I thought- "they are not funny locked up in a plastic bin. Maybe if I wear one while ushering it'll promote some chuckles."

Anyway, Mary Lou asks me to go on board the buses bringing folks to the show just to welcome them and explain what the OCC is like inside- the lay of the land if you will- and where the washrooms are in relation to the theatre.

One things leads to another.
I get this Scottish/Irish accent going and my name appears out of the blue as "Sister Mary Margaret" and- A Nun is Born.

Actually in a show a few years ago, my buddy Hank mentioned that his sister was a Nun, so it all fits.

Since that first show it's been a "heavenly" blast.
I am polishing my craft.
Doing standup.
Thinking on my feet. Nothing is scripted.
It all comes from my mind. I talk to the theatre-goers.
Make them laugh.
Tell a joke or two- all before Act I.
Sister Mary Margaret is now the "Show Hostess"

Then I "man"- or..."Nun"... the refreshment counter at intermission.
I ask for tips in aid of "The Orphans of Sierra Leone."
One show I managed to take in $19.50.

They like me...they really, really like me!

So, now I am in for every show until August 23rd.
I have been added to the programme.
I have a photo up inside the lobby.
Three weeks of being Sister Mary Margaret.

So come along a buy a ticket. Box Office is 705.242.8011 or come to the
theatre at 64 Colborne Street, East- Downtown Orillia.