Thursday, June 12, 2014



O N T A R I O   Provincial Election June 12, 2014

Y E A H !!
First elected Woman Premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne-
Plus a Majority in the June 12th Ontario election!
Kathleen is also the first elected Gay Premier.
Congrats to both her and her Partner Jane.
I met them both last summer in Toronto at Pride and marched in the Pride Parade
with them and Justin Trudeau too! All wonderful, nice people- no matter their political colouring. It means a bright future for Canada and Ontario! I didn't want to play the "Gay" card but I have to.
I am proud that our province has a Gay Premier and proud too that it wasn't mentioned in the campaign- even by the other parties.
As we were lucky to have a man such as Jack Layton in Ottawa as the leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition for such a short time before his passing from cancer, Ontario is very lucky to have Kathleen as our Premier and just in time for World Pride on June 29th! So, for the next four years the Liberals are in the driver's seat and hopefully by the next Ontario election, Justin Trudeau with be in the Prime Minister's Office on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.
I couldn't be happier.
However, here where I live in Simcoe North the "Den of the Conservative Party", Garfield Dunlop was re-elected for his fifth consecutive time. Yes folks, more pancake breakfasts populated by tons of old folks and Garf's smiling face at every local event and parade throughout the year. I can smell those pancakes on the griddle right now- and I'm an "old folk" myself!
Of course if one looks at the Liberals with Fred Larsen they did amazingly well locally and if the Libs and the NDP (led by Doris Middleton in Simcoe North) formed a new party together they would have beaten Garfield handily.
Actually, If one adds up all those Liberal (16,412), NDP (7,851) and Green Party Votes (4,031 of them "green folks" ) it would total 28, 294, a 6 thousand vote lead over Mr. Dunlop and with only 51% of us bothering to vote, I'd say Mr. Dunlop doesn't have a particularly "popular" win, just the same old Tory win that has happened in Simcoe North since Jesus was a choirboy.
Gee, those "lucky" folks in Barrie. 136 thousand people- many from the GTA. who move up the 400 for cleaner skies and cheaper housing. They bring along their "liberal" views that translates into Liberal votes making Barrie a Liberal fortress all the way from Penetanguishene Road to Innisfil Beach Road.
So, overall a good day.
Good election results and I am thankful that I live in a  Liberal province- soon to be without the threat of a Tim Hudak.
Yes, it was a disappointing- yet not surprising, Simcoe North result but there's an excitement building inside of me. I can hardly wait to shake Kathleen Wynne's hand again this year at World Pride in Toronto, only this time as an elected "Premier of Ontario"!

Nota Bene

I have been reminded that Garfield- as our local rep, no matter the colour of one's political stripes- even mine, has been supportive of my endeavours.
Garfield was a special guest on a Hank Christmas Show a few years back.  He was quite funny and kept up with Hank's shenanigans. He has sent greetings/advertised in several Garage Door Players' programmes. As well, he wrote a congratulatory letter in the programme that celebrated last year's 10th Anniversary for the Garage Door Players. He also sent Swisssh Radio a plaque recognizing five years on the internet airwaves.

For all this and more I am grateful.

To be fair I should also mention Premier Kathleen Wynn also sent a congratulatory letter (Orillia Mayor Angelo Orsi too) which was  included in our programme for "Sadie Flynn Comes to Big Oak"- our GDP's 10th Anniversary Show!