Thursday, September 5, 2013


Heaven must be getting awfully crowded these days.
Not the “religious” Heaven but just plain old “Heaven”- our next level of existence where we rest from the toils of this earthly plain.
Plain old “Heaven” is a beautiful spot with sunshine, green grass and condominiums to house all those who have gone before- no matter what station they held on this earthly plain. I know this to be true because one day many years ago, Tammy Faye Baker had a guest on her television show who had travelled to Heaven and back. Sometimes, I watched her and Jim Baker because I couldn’t believe there were so many gullible people who sent money to support their Christian nonsense. It was frequently good for a smile. This particular guest had in fact been in Heaven for a few minutes and came back to “life” to report on what she had seen there.
I remember her saying “condominiums and green grass”.
Apparently Heaven was abuzz with construction. Condos were being built absolutely everywhere. Tammy Faye didn’t even bat a six inch eyelash.
She truly believed and probably contacted a “Heavenly Real Estate Agent” that very afternoon.
But I digress.
We have lost another “angel” on earth and I sincerely hope they are still building those heavenly condos.
Bernice Haley passed on Labour Day Monday.
Grannie B "marshalling" the Santa Claus Parade
Bernie was always a great supporter of Swisssh Radio. She told artists- who eventually sent me CD's, about this eclectic online radio station from Orillia (
She gave out Swisssh Business cards and even encouraged me one year, to set up Swisssh at Mariposa. That year I met Dave Gunning, Ron Nigrini and Susan Aglukark among others. Swisssh still plays their music along with several others she suggested- local artists too.
She also supported my Theatrical Group- The Garage Door Players- one year helping us sell tickets, as well as tearing round the downtown, taping up our posters in storefronts. She didn’t want to take money for doing it but eventually she did.
She was always there supporting the LGBTQ2 community both at the flag raising and at Pride events.
She volunteered every year at the Orillia Santa Claus Parade. A true Santa's Helper. 
Bernie was a true multi-tasker.
She had lived up the street from us until the house fire in the spring where she lost everything- even her precious CD’s. The community responded and she had enough money to see her through. Around the time of the fire she found out she had Cancer. Bernie had been fighting other “demos” too and Cancer must have been the icing on the cake. She was tired of it all so
she chose quality of life and left us all behind a few days ago.
Will she be missed?
Of course.
It would take ten of us to replace her.
Recently during an interview, she told a friend- Nathan Taylor of the Packet: 
"I'm just going quietly into the good night."
Our Grannie B?