Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Another Pride Parade- and Pride week, in Toronto.
Once again my Husband Tom and I will be tearing down 11 to 400 and onto the 407 to the Finch Subway Station to head into the heat and frivolity that is Toronto Pride.
There’s no Orillia Pride.
There was…once.
See the picture below…
There hasn’t been a celebration of any kind for years and I don’t expect to see Orillia Fags organize one anytime soon. Well, really, who the fuck cares to be “loud and proud” in Orillia with the Presbyterians out and about and the Baptists lurking behind trees and park benches.
No, most of us Queers just head down the road to Trawna where we can hold a husband’s hand in public and maybe even sneak a kiss
At the very least a nuzzle under a hot July sun.
However, this year there will be a gargantuan change for the Hubbie and I. We usually watch the parading from a nice vantage point on a Yonge Street sidewalk- preferably where the boys aren’t afraid to take their shirts off and flex their “bits” in the brilliant heat of a Toronto Summer.
What’s this big change I elude to?
This year we will be in the Pride Parade!
I am pumped!
I’m not eating all week so I’ll look 50- not 62! Biking my ass off too.
Premier Kathleen Wynne- herself a member of our club, has said “c’mon down” so we’re meeting her in a park- how Gay, with a bunch of other Liberals and then we’ll proudly march off down Yonge Street to Yonge/Dundas Square.
I know it’s going to be a long, sweaty march.
If it’s really hot, it’ll be like crossing the Gobi Desert. Only the buff guys on the Absolut Float and the Trojan and TD Bank men will keep me going.
If they can do it- I can do it.
‘Course they’ll be riding on a float not walking on soft asphalt- the bunch of pussies!
I’ll think of it as a mirage. Hot, half-naked men dangling their “swanstuckers” in front of my face for blocks and blocks- all the way south towards Lake Ontario.
There are worse things than walking in 30 degree temps but I won’t drudge them up now when thoughts of handsome, tanned, hunky men are drifting ‘cross the windmills of my mind.
I really am happy that Premier Wynne said she’d love to have us join her in the Pride Parade. Media info from the Premier’s Webpage tells me that her wife Jane and her “Premiership” have been together for 25 years- married too.
Tom and I beat them.
28 years.
7 legally.
I’ll have to ask her what’s the “official” date.
I am excited at the prospect of meeting her in person. Maybe at some point we’ll sashay arm and arm for a block or two. We’ll giggle like a pair of schoolgirls when the Naked TNT Toronto men
stroll down Yonge Street.
Nothing to get excited about there.
All the TNT Men I’ve seen over the years are ancient and should keep their Depends on-
but it is Pride after all and most anything goes- or hangs at least.
There’ll be lots for Kathleen and Jane to see too. Many gals- mostly the big-busted variety let their “jugs” jiggle from parade start to finish.
Gee, I hope they apply ample sun protection.
That goes for the TNT Boys too.
Can’t imagine what a sunburned tit or dick would feel like.
Not pleasant, I am sure.
I’ll be sure to take lots of photos.
Well, just enough that you’ll feel a little jealous knowing that Kathleen and I had the time of our lives cruising all the crowds lined along the parade route.
So look for us in the Toronto Pride Parade on Sunday.
Tom and I.
Yes, Kathleen and Jane plus a bunch of Liberals too.
Happy Pride!