Saturday, April 20, 2013



On Bleeker Street with Blanche and Jane
The Gals were in Paris for a month but now they’re back on Bleeker Street refined and bi-lingual- well almost. Let’s see what happy Hi-Jinks Blanche and Jane find themselves in this time…
Blanche: Bonjour Ma Cherie. Sa Va bien? 
Jane: ~puff~drag~puff~ What the *&^% is that supposed to mean? Have you been drinking? 
Blanche: Oh Jane Dear ~hah, hah~ did you learn nothing in the City of Light? 
Jane: Sure I did! ~puff~ I learned if you’re a man you can piss anywhere on the street! 
Blanche: Now Jane. You know very well no man pee’d on the street in front of us! 
Jane: Yah but...How ‘bout behind us!! ~puff~cackle~puff~ 
Blanche: Jane! That man was drunk and he had no idea what he was doing! 
Jane: He certainly did Blanche. He pulled out his thingy and let loose on that shop fenetre! Hee! 
Blanche: …and you think that’s remarkably hilarious- do you? 
Jane: Ho. Hee-Hee. Ho! ~drag~puff~ Mais Qui!! 
Blanche: Well it seems you got something out of the trip after all. That’s a marvellous accent. 
Jane: Yah! I picked it up from a sailor in the 19th Arrondissement! Now that was a French Kiss! 
Blanche: Jane! Your tongue will dry up and fall off one of these days with talk like that! 
Jane: Hah Hah! Maybe so but I have a great Parisian memory all the same. Hey! 
Blanche: Yes Jane Dear? 
Jane: Let’s go down to that Frenchie Restaurant on 5th Street. Maybe I’ll get me another sailor. 
Blanche: All you’ll get is a dose of the “you know what’s” if you don’t change your ways! 
Jane: ~puff~ puff~ Party-Pooper! Now get your “wheels” in gear . I’ll call a cab! 
Blanche: Oh Jane. If only I wasn’t in this stupid wheelchair! 
Jane: But ya are Blanche! But. You. Are!! ~puff~