Monday, April 15, 2013


It’s the Time of the Season.
The Trudeau season.
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Justin Trudeau

It’s a new beginning.
A time to start fresh.
A time to reap.
A time to sow.
A time for fairness.
For love.
A time for more than Chinese Panda Bears and pandering.
A time to easy back on fuelling the machines of war-
Guns, fighter jets and more.
The weeping is through.
Let’s gently boot Mr. Harper from Parliament Hill once and for all- along with his right-wing, Conservative, labour busting cronies.
Let’s thank him for his attempt at Canadianism but some just can’t get it right.
Their Canada is a Canada of the rich not a Canada for one and all.
Their Canada is for what they believe to be “normal” Canadians.
Ask Bruce Stanton what he believes is “normal” and fair.
It certainly isn’t rights for transsexuals.
He voted no for trans people as he did for Gay Marriage when fellow Tories opened that Pandora’s box once again- even though it was the law of the land, just to see if a crack of light was shining through.
Thank goodness it wasn’t.
Ding Dong the right is crumbling and there’s nothing wrong with that.
Still some time to go before another federal contest.
Maybe greater things will come to be.
Maybe the opposition parties will wake up and join together.
One huge, colossal party working for the benefit of the individual.
For Canadians, keeping our Canada Strong and Free.
It could happen once again.
Let’s not put all our ducks in a row just yet but rather think, live and breathe
good thoughts.
The road to the future can be golden.
Our gleaming light is Justin Trudeau.
It’s the best we have now since Jack has gone to greater things in the next plane of our existence.
The right already is attacking with American Style ads.
Could we have expected anything less from them?
The Stars and Stripes would be flapping briskly in the wind at the top of the Peace Tower if we gave them a rope- long enough.
When will Canadians wake up and dispel their damning unfairness.
The crassness.
The un-Canadianness.
The libel encased in their broadcast fodder.
People…you are better than this.
Did you hear?
You are better than this and yet we forgive you for your narrow views and unwelcoming texture.
Take heart fellow Canadians.
A new dawn is near.
It’s time. It’s season. It’s reality.
It’s right there on the horizon waiting for each and every one of us.